Im going in one the 13th to see if i qualify for service

im going to a ent to see if i qualify for service kinda im going to get a hearing test done to see if i can pass the one at meps . im still just a kid to most of you , still in my teens . i know i have alot of opportunities ahead of me but this is what i want to do with my life , serve my country and like those before me . i know its wrong but ive decided that if i cant qualify for the military due to hearing im just gonna sneak a pair of hearing aids in for the test , you regret the things you didnt do more then the things you did do lets just hope thats true for this instance if . if your wondering why im worried ive been a shooter all my life and have ringing in my ears and it kinda worries me . i did a few online hearing test which showed better then average/normal . the hearing requirements are

30d average across 500/1000/2000 hertz with out a single frequencie above 35 db

45db at 3000 hertz and 55 db at 4000 hertz

i ask that you wish me luck pray that i make in to the service . i few words of encouragement would be good to . god bless you all

I will pray for God’s will in your life and pray for you to be successful
following your dreams.

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Don’t think you need to hide hearing aids - really, the “always” need to do is be straight up honest. The military is a proving ground for all members - no faking. But good luck - the ringing in your ears may not affect your hearing, it may be tinnitus,

the hearing aid idea was passed on from a army friend apparently hearing waivers are a pain to get

Praying for you John, for the right outcomes for your life and welbeing, spiritual and temporal.
If there is a need and a possibility to repair your hearing issue, God grant it will become available to you soon.

You have hearing loss? Then I’m sure that you know that a hearing test requires an ear exam. They will see the hearing aids.

It’s better to be honest.

My son is partially deaf. Like George Bailey from it’s a wonderful life. You don’t have to serve in the military to serve the country.

I’m pretty sure lying on your enlistment paperwork is a crime. I have no idea what kind of discharge that will get you when you are found out but if it is dishonorable then that can really screw you over later in life. You mentioned you are a “shooter all your life”… question 11g on the ATF form 4473 (the form you fill out when you buy a firearm) is “Have you been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions?” if that answer is yes i think you are disqualified.

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