I'm going out on a limb here

I think it’s automatically generated by some sort of AI. If it were a human, they would be able to see that no one else is interested in this reparte. I got it also.

This implies the Church is not the body of Christ. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You might want to consider an alternative to your own view of Church.


Not sure what brought that reaction. I think you are misunderstanding me.

Who judges whether you are loving the Church or your own asumptions more than God is not easy to answer. Certainly God and ourselves and maybe just off the cuff, others?

I was searching for the answer: God is our Judge. But you’re right. God is our perfect Judge who can read hearts. But its hard for others not to judge.

Do we agree that anything at all that is more important than God in our lives is an oher god or idol?

Are you asking me? The answer is, “yes”.

Yes I was asking you and I am thankful we agree.

Have a good night.

Do you still feel the same way?

You too. …

Rightly said.

Sadly, the church has been like this since the beginning. 1 Corinthians 1: 11-12

Jesus calls sinners. So it is no surprise the church is filled with imperfect people.

People who bickers called by Jesus to love one another as Jesus has loved us. So we are called to stay united despite diversity.

It is never unity in uniformity. It has always been unity in diversity. 1 Corinthians 12:14

The broken bread/ broken body of Christ unite us into one body

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The National Catholic Register wrote an article negating the “33,000 denominations” claim. The number is based on a faulty study, where the vast majority of this number are NOT Protestant. The number also includes over 250 Catholic Rites, Catholic schismatic groups, and other non-Protestant groups. If the same Protestant denomination exists in multiple countries, they are classified as separate “denominations” due to being in multiple countries, despite being of the exact same Protestant denomination. If multiple independent churches share the same doctrines, they are classified as different denominations - even if they are in the same city!

The National Catholic Register - “We need to stop saying there are 33,000 Protestant denominations.”

So, the “33,000” figure is grossly overestimated.

Can’t speak for all non-Catholics, but I don’t believe most of them believe the church from the first century “defected,” since Jesus said the gates of Hades would not overpower it.

Even if it is, non-Catholics simply don’t believe the Catholic church “is” that church, or believe the reason for Jesus giving Peter the keys was to make him the head of the church. There is also a difference between how Catholics & Protestants understanding the meaning of the word “church.” Protestants tend to view the church as simply a body of believers who gather together for corporate worship, rather than an ecclesiastical hierarchy. So, it’s not a matter of the church “defecting” which is impossible. Rather, just as there were problems with local churches during the NT era (like Paul’s & John’s individual letters to local churches) yet still had some genuine, faithful believers, likewise, Protestantism believes there have always been genuine believers in Christ’s “universal” church mixed in with pseudo-believers throughout the church age.

Do we agree the Church is the Body of Christ and Christ is God?

EDIT: I couldn’t tell and now i see this was not directed to me. I see your reply to me was on another post.

I think so. Why?

Thanks for clarifying what I believe in my muddled brain. It is easy to lose sight of reality when confusion sets in.


I love your thoughts. It is so easy to lose sight of the fact that we are of one body. Different administrations, diverse operations but the same Lord over all. A huge problem comes when one member of the body says “we don’t need you.” Chapter 12 is so thought provoking and it is significant that it flows right into the Love chapter for without love we are nothing at all.

The Catholic Church is not defective. Many church officials are defective (make that all the church officials are defective because they are human.) but not the Church itself. All people are disordered and none are perfect. Jesus Himself picked 12 disordered men as His Church leaders. Peter denied Him. Judas betrayed Him. Thomas didn’t believe he rose from the dead.

Yes the Catholic Church is the one church founded by Jesus. He filled with disordered humans seeking to follow Him. It will continue into eternity.

I should have used a small “c” for church. I agree the Church is the body of Christ, and Christ is God.

I know many people both Catholic and non-Catholic who say they are Christians because they belong to a church but can’t tell you who Christ is to them.

In Catholic baptism we are baptized as “priest, prophet, and king”, but you have to be a studied Catholic to totally understand those roles.

Yes. And in fact, that love is the first & second commandment of the 10. Love your God with all your mind and all your strength, Love your neighbour as yourself. So in the end, both old testament and new testament still inspired by this Love of God and love among fellow humans

And this love make us perfect as Our Father in heaven is perfect. But as each individual humans we are imperfect. Likewise the church as human organization will always have flaws. But as a united body of Christ, we are perfected by our love for each other as Jesus has loved us.

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