I'm going to baptism classes!


I returned to the Church (and to Christianity) last summer when my son was two and a half. He’s never been baptized. I kept putting off having a conversation with his dad (my exhusband, a no-longer-practicing Catholic or Christian) about this because I was afraid of his response. On Friday, I told him that I wanted our son to get baptized. He said, “I don’t see any harm in that.”

Woohoo!! My not-so-little little one will be baptized this summer, probably in June. The couple that has agreed to be his godparents are wonderful, devout Catholics who will take their role as godparents sersiously and joyfully. I don’t know if his dad will attend the baptism or not, but I will certainly do everything possible to make it so he can be there if he wants to.

I’m going to start praying regularly for my ex-husband’s conversion now. I’m really beginning to see the power of prayer. Please keep us your prayers.

Just wanted to share the good news!



Congratulations on returning to the Church! Welcome home!! I will keep you and your family in my prayers! I am so happy that your husband is not being an obstable to your son`s baptism. That is wonderful! You and you son may one day lead your husband back to the Church too.

Congratulations again! I will pray for you and your family at Mass today.




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