I'm having difficulty praying, please pray for me

I really need your prayers, everyone. I just can’t concentrate on praying anymore, I always get distracted, and I feel like God just isn’t listening. Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time because prayer just doesn’t help me. I’m going through a crisis of faith, and I ask God and Our Lady every day to help me get through it, but the situation hasn’t gotten any better over the last three months. Please pray for me, because I no longer have strength to pray for myself.

I’ll be praying for you. Many of us have been there ourselves. Hang on in there. :gopray2:

I’m praying for you.:gopray2:

keep praying…even if you get no joy out of it and find it hard…even if you feel it is a waste of time and that god is not listening…keep praying…

i heard somewhere that when we feel that we are far away from god…that he is closer than ever to us…and when we feel no joy in our prayers and find it hard to pray then we should pray anyway because it is at times like this (when things seem harder) that god is testing us to see how much love we have for him and how faithful we are to him…

if you can’t pray much then just say lots of little prayers…like
jesus mercy, mary help,
mother mary pray for us

make lots of acts of love as well…for this may just be god testing you…you could say jesus,mary and joseph, i love you, save souls

the act of spiritual communion is supposed to be good to say as well it is supposed to get the spark of faith in your soul burning bright when it has nearly extinguished…also you receive jesus in you soul along with all the graces and blessings he brings…

pray to mother mary, st joseph and your holy guardian angel…tell them and god in your own word the difficulties you are experiencing…ask them to help you…

i will pray for you too…


I’ll be praying for you!

Hey, have you considered the possibility that God may be calling you to a new additional form of prayer? That was the case for me. For many months I just couldn’t focus on the mysteries of the rosary anymore. I began to get very scrupulous about this; as all my favorites on EWTN and elsewhere kept saying “pray the rosary daily”! Sure, I knew that going to daily Mass was even more important that saying a million rosaries per day, and I go whenever I can.

But then I discovered a quote from St. Dominic, who in our Catholic tradition is the one from whom the modern version of the rosary we Catholics in the Roman rite pray. He said that next to the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours, the Rosary is the most important prayer for Catholics.

Then it hit me: The Liturgy of the Hours! I had made some attempts in the past to learn the Divine Office (DO) with no success. But this time I became persistent. I went to a parish nearby where they said Morning and Evening prayers, and stumbled along with the priest and the rest of the congregation. I told the priest that I wanted to learn, and he gave me one of his copies of the book Christian Prayer, which has an abbreviated form of the DO. Then I found on EWTN’s website where you can download the Morning and Evening prayers in audio version, and I was able to painstakingly follow along. I had to keep pressing pause, so see what new part of the book to jump to. Those ribbons were a big help, but what really helped me was buying those sticky-tabs and placing them in various parts of the book.

It was like I was learning to ride a bike for the first time! But it sure paid off. I can’t tell you how psychologically healthy it is for me to pray those psalms. You’re literally verbalizing all of your emotions. That’s probably why people didn’t need psychologists back in the Middle Ages! And learning those hymns in the back is great also-I use my guitar or maybe a keyboard to figure out the melodies. My musical sight-reading has gotten much better also!

So, you see God had a strange way of calling me to a new way of prayer, but it worked! You know what also? I know find it MUCH easier to pray the rosary again. Especially if I do so after the DO.

Hope you get some encouragement out of this long reply

I am praying for you! I have been there myself, it’s no fun. I got to a point, where I would just offer the Lord the way I was feeling, if that makes sense. In other words, “Lord, I can’t get my words and thoughts focused on You, but I offer You my heart and my desire to pray.” That way I was in a state of prayer after all. Don’t give up, this will pass and you will come out stronger on the other end!



yep I think it is devil who wishes to discourage us.

adding you to my prayer list:gopray:

I think we all feel that prayer isn’t doing any good because we don’t see results. I have been there. I have felt that way. I will pray for you along with my evening prayers.

My prayers for you.

Praying for you.

I understand, and I’m praying for you. I’ve been there. Be faithful, and God will reward your faithfulness.

Dear Lord, please extend your arms and wrap them around this child of Yours, drawing them to your bosom. Let them know that You are listening, and answering, and will never abandom Your own.

**This is the time, ( although it does not feel like it) when God is truly with you! Hang in there, you are in my prayers!:gopray2: **


You are in my prayers.

Know what you are going through.Someone once told me not to stress about it. The fact that you want to pray shows that the spirit is willing. Will be praying.

I’ve just gone through a very dry phase, so I know how you feel. I’m sure people were praying for me, and that is how it ended - I felt it! So I’ll be praying for you! :byzsoc:

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