I'm having trouble going to confession

I haven’t been to confession in a little over a year (since during Christmas time of 2012). I had spoke with a priest before that confession, about issues and stress i had going on, but i did not do a face-to-face confession. When i went to confession, it was the same priest I had spoke to… before I let out exactly what I wanted to confess (it was a thought that I wanted to confess), the priest said it was not a sin. I think he knew what I was going to say, but I still did not say it out-loud (Note: I had spoke with him about thoughts in his office during the time we talked). . didn’t feel 100% confident that my confession was valid. Now that it’s been awhile, it seems harder for me to go because I am a little OCDish, especially about thinking and sins…I also feel like it’s hard to say everything out loud. And, I feel like I might not explain something right, or leave something out, etc. I get too worried that I might not confess the right way. I need to go, and now that lent is coming I feel like I have to make that a priority. I struggle with thoughts, worrying if what I thought was a mortal sin. Can someone please help give me some advice.

Find an experienced priest. Tell him that you struggle with OCD and scrupulosity. Trust his advice. Trust in the sacrament that Christ created.

Sounds like it could possibly be scrupulosity.

If it is, here’s a website on scrupulosity that has a few pointers and guidelines to help folks.


Speak with your parish priest about your problems.

You can always go to confession at a different church if you wish.
Try taking some quiet time a couple of days before confession to prepare; do an examen of conscience, write a list of things you need to confess, and go!

God bless you.

Would it help if you went to another Church and made an appointment to see the priest, letting him know before hand its for Confession and guidance.

Walk with the Lord, and Trust in Him, He can read your thoughts and know your Heart…

Nothing offers us the healing power that confession does. It is through this sacrament that we are freed of our sins. Don’t let the guilt (or anything else for that matter) stop you from receiving the grace and mercy that God provides in this loving sacrament.

God loves you. He already knows what you did. He just wants you to seek forgiveness so that you can be reconciled to Him. His arms are wide open and He is waiting for you.

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