I'm having trouble with guilt feelings; can you help?

I feel guilty bust mostly ashamed, Hi I’m 17 years old female and I feel terrible first of all I masturbate and I feel terrible knowing now that its a sin. I told God that I will stop and I’m virgin I never had sexual relationship and dont plan to until I’m married. The thing is that I feel like my future husband will be so dissapointed and wont forgive me. I feel like I dont deserve to be love or get married. I feel like a slut and that the man of my dreams wont love me and see thag its on my past. I’m scared and I already told god that I was sorry for what I did, I also did the purity ring but I dont deserve it at all


Just go to Confession and your sin will be removed forever. You never have to reveal Confessional matter to anyone. There is no reason to feel guilty. Once your sin is absolved, your are without sin.

Remember that you are not your feelings. Feelings are something that we have; they are not what we are.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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