I'm having trouble with the Massacre of the Innocents

Hello everybody, I’m having trouble on how to explain Theologically how it can be coherent that God allowed the massacre of the infants at the beggining of the book of Matthew, please help me!

1- Why did God make a prophecy that it would be a Massacre of Innocents? Did God foretold a Massacre of infants before it happens??
2- Why Mary and Joseph did not alert the other parents to run away before the soldiers came to kill the children?
3- Why would God allow such terrible thing happens?
4- Can I explain that it was only a metaphor because it has no historical comprovation outside the bible?

Thank you!

Joseph was told to take “the child and his mother” due to the threat on the child’s life. He may not have known that so many innocents would be killed. God allows these things due to giving us a free will. Many use it to do evil things, but it is promised that God can bring good out of it. We may never know what that good is. At least, not in this life time. The slaughter wasn’t abnormal for Herod. If I remember correctly, he had some of his sons killed so there wouldn’t be any competition. He was afraid of being overthrown. What he didn’t realize that what he did was much worse.

The best way to explain it is to recognize that God allows you right now to make a choice. You could make the choice today to walk outside and smack someone with a brick. Or you could make the choice today to care for a sick child.

If God made you a robot, and He refused to allow you to hurt the person, then by the same token, your action of caring for a sick child is without merit, because you are only following a program, and not choosing it for yourself.

This question boils down to the question of why God allows evil to exist. It is tough to fully answer.

With all due respect God knows everything that is going to happen beforehand, including all of our decisions.

Therefore, He is quite aware of how everyone will die, including innocent children like the millions that are sacrificed every year.

This is the effect of Adam and Eve’s decision. Nonetheless, you can be assured that God sends His angels to be with children in their final moments to comfort them, such is His love of us. Paz.

I should point out the Massacre of the Innocents most likely would have been maybe a dozen or two dozen children. Given the scale of atrocities that happened in Judea at the time such a thing would hardly have been worth recording. It is not even remotely out of character for Herod, given the historical data.

The massacre of the innocents continues.
People choose to abort their babies, against God’s will and commandment “thou shalt not kill”.
The massacre of those children just as the massacre of today’s children is against God’s will, and the fifth commandment but the evil action of individuals.

Even if Joseph and Mary warned others, there is the question whether they would have believed Joseph’s dream or just thought him a little crazy…why would Herod send soldiers to kill babies, and why would Joseph imagine the king would regard Mary’s baby as a threat to the king…they’d have to think Joseph was touched in the head! They had no reason to believe him.
Also, how could Joseph and Mary locate and warn all the families scattered throughout the now-crowded town? We could use radio, television, cell-phones to warn others now. They had none of those things.

Try as we might, we can’t stop the slaughter of our innocents.
People do this, regardless of any warning that these are God’s children, that abortion is murder.
Through human action and choice, not God’s, millions of babies are aborted every year.

If that. We’re talking about a small village; the number of boys, 2 years old or younger, wouldn’t have been that great. Of course, that doesn’t excuse the injustice of it… but it helps give perspective.

As far as ‘warning’, Joseph wasn’t warned that Herod was planning to kill all male infants, just that he should take his family to Egypt.

As far as ‘prophecy’ goes, it’s important to remember that everyone has free will (and God respects that expression of our free wills)… Herod could’ve, if he wished, decided to not order the massacre.

I don’t know that I would assert that it was only ‘metaphor’ – after all, events that happen to a limited number of people in a given locale are still real, even if they aren’t necessarily out of character enough for the local authorities or widespread enough to be noticed by the rest of the world… :wink:

Are you suggesting that this historically didn’t happen? I think it’s dangerous to suggest anything in the New Testament is metaphorical. Jesus used many parables, but that’s Jesus. The New Testament can be read literally. The Old Testament I understand to be a compilation of literal stories and parable stories, but the New Testament cannot be seen this way, with the exception of Revelation. Revelation is unique though in that it explains the future.

So my quick answer is no, don’t think the killing of the innocents is metaphorical. Consider that even in the Hindu religion, Krishna, though not Christ, has a strong parallel with Christ in that during his time he was sought after and the King killed the innocents. Here’s an interesting article that discusses this. I of course don’t agree with its headline, but look at point number five in the article. This parallel doesn’t prove anything in a historical sense, but it shows that it’s not just a Christian innovation.

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