I'm Heading Back To The Middle East

Salaam Alaikum, I just called up by the military to Iraq. This will be my second time to the Middle East. I just got back from Saudi Arabia not too long ago. I used to work for the State there. I guess, it’s time to open up my Arabic for dummy again. I will not be there to keep Mohammed from hurting Saeed. The Army says I will be working as a civil affairs director there. Sounds like remote duty in the province and town- helping provincial government rebuilding schools, roads, bridges, etc. By the way, I’m a Lieutenant Commander (Major to other services) in the navy reserve. It’s gonna be fun. I have the longest recall than most officers. 500 days!!! I’m mad at Obama. It will be cool to deal with Iraqi government and local sheiks. Be ready to eat a lot of dates, drink a lot of tea and gahwa saada, Arabic coffee. I miss the goat, camel grasp, lamb chop and capsa. Yum yum! Regards, Mugen

Bless you for serving, and may God keep you in your travels. Come home safe

I am also headed to the Middle East, but not into a war zone. I have a one year teaching contract. I have a brother who lived in Saudi for a long time.
The last reserve unit to which I belonged was a Civil Affairs Unit in MN. As a female, I was capstoned out. Building civilian relations is an important job. My resignation from the Reserves (I did know how to protect my career) was part of God’s call on my life.
i am leaving in August so I know it will be hot, hot, hot, and also the start of Ramadan.

Ditto. :signofcross:

Thank you for your service. God speed and Peace be with you!

God Bless and Keep you under His protection.

Hello everyone! Thank you for your praises and thoughts! God Bless!


Ditto, and extra thanks for your service :smiley:

Enjoy and do what is right inshallah. :wink:
(not that I support the war in Iraq but anyway…)
good luck :thumbsup:


Keep your head down Shipmate!
Go Navy! Beat Army!:slight_smile:

God Bless!

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