Im I commiting a mortal sin

So i clean the floor in my room like sweeping, then By tomorrow my brother already made trash on the floor again. Im planning to do this, I’m going to wait 3 or more days then clean up the mess on the floor. Is that being slothful?

That’s not being slothful. It’s just wanting someone to clean up their own mess.

It sounds like you’re trying to make a point to your brother. I don’t call that a sin, at all. I like to think of it as a teaching moment :wink:

A better question is, why are you cleaning up after him?

no sin

you’re instructing the ignorant by teaching him not to be slothful. leave the mess alone.

No sin but try and avoid passive aggressive behavior. Clean your side. Tell your brother that you would appreciate his cleaning his side. Let him know how you feel when he leaves it dirty (embarrassed to have people over ect.) Ultimately it is up to him (or your parents) if he cleans. Be straight with him. Talk to him about it when you are not upset and he is not upset. If he cleans, even a little, PRAISE him for what he did genuinely. No sarcasm. If he doesn’t clean it is his choice. When he asks you for something you can choose not to do it too. Make sure you tell him why you are not doing it… or it is passive aggressive…

Passive aggressive behavior is a horrible habit to develop (says a guy who practiced it for quite a while before he realized it only made me and the other person feel worse - experience that hurt… ) Realize that “fair” is only the person’s opinion of how things should be. Many times we focus on one thing where others are lacking and ignore where we are lacking.

Of course I have no idea what you are dealing with and this is just one guys uneducated opinion… for what it is worth… Hope it helps.

Like they by the end of the day theres like dirt,crumbs,etc under the bed and that gets me annoyed it could be the bed the makes the mess

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