Im i sinning

So im 13 have a ps3 and online on it n i made a account in 2009 but the only way i could play online is to put my age 18 or my parents have to make a other account to make mine ( parents speak spanish) so my brother put i was 18. I still use the account now but im i sinnig because im lieing about my age . My parents let me play online too so. My brother now is 18 years old too.

Well lying is a sin but it is not mortal because it doesn’t have the gravity a mortal sin requires. A priest would be able to give you better advice.

A huge part of the 18yo age restriction is because of other sins one could encounter. Language, sexual conduct, alcohol use and violence.

Beware that online one could encounter many bad things.

Ya u better confess tomorrow! How can u be so evil?

Chill, this isn’t a grave matter.

You need to discuss this with your confessor.

I’m not clear on what you are saying here…but it appears that your parents permit this to go on…is that because they are ignorant of the lie or are they OK with it? To me - this is the key.

Talk it over with your confessor who can weight the various details with you.


I recommend you not continue to use this account you created without your parents’ approval. Parents have a way of finding things out in time, and when they do, they’re bound to be very upset with you. Honesty is always the best policy!

Stop using you account and go to confession.

My parents told me not to lie but it doesn’t matter cause no can see the age so my parents say its ok to use the account

Are you joking or being for real?

He’s kidding lol


is it a sin if i keep using the account then ?

This is something best talked over with your confessor.

That said - my suggestion is this…No one is forcing you to use this account…Your conscience is bothering you over the matter.
Therefore, I would suggest that you discontinue using it. It’s not worth the discomfort and concern.


I just called sony and they said theres no way to check your bitrthday on ps3 so i guess they cant even see my birthday even so im not liyng to no one I guess

God knows…You know…Do you Love God? Do you lie to those you love?


I dont have a confessor

Next time you go to confession, ask your priest, he is your confessor.

Hey dear Steve, I feel for you, it sounds like you want to keep using the internet but you want to do it in a moral way.
There are two things I would suggest.

  1. yes best to talk such doubts over with a priest instead of asking people on the internet. You might get a lot of different answers ont he internet which might confuse you.
  2. Is there a way you can use the internet services that are important to you (I am assuming here now that you are not using the internet for immoral things etc!) without having to use an account you couldn’t honestly set up? Is this account the only way you can use the internet? Or is it a special internet service you are using it for (and maybe really one you shouldn’t be using?) (I remember when I was about your age I liked to play a computer game one had to be older for… now thinking back of it I realize there was really stuff in it that could have been harmful for a young teenager… well actually stuff even wrong for adults. Now after coming back to the faith I don’t think I could do that in good conscience anymore, not even as an adult. By the way I am 38 now but I still feel like a kid somehow in many ways… well Jesus told us to become like children, didn’t he ;-)) ) I haven’t really been into computer games anymore though.
    So anyway I just wanted to suggest that maybe there is a way you can use the internet without having to use that account. I don’t think you need to put down your age for most things, or do you? Like for example, did we have to for this forum? I don’t remember… :slight_smile:

Greetings Kathrin

I never went to confession i asked my mom and she told me don’t bother me (in Spanish) and got mad cause i been annoying he all day about the online thing.

Well i still gonna use the account cause i have all my memory saved on it and i doesn’t influence me, i don’t tell strangers none of my personal things, i usually play Fifa i used to play call of duty but i don’t even play it no more last time i play call of duty was a week or 2, i don’t use it for bad things, and my parents come from mexico and don’t play video games and i asked my mom if I could still use the account even tho it is my wrong age and she said its fine but told me don’t lie about my age no more , and my brother made the account not me and his now 18 but it was made in 2009, my mom also told me to don’t worry about and that I’m fine . So im i good

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