Im i stealing ?

Alright so i dont know if any of of know the game gta well i was playing online and someone gave me 500 million dollars in the game which i think is a cheat or a hack. To buy money its 1 million in game dollars for 20 dollars in real life i dont know if thats sin or not but im sure he just a did a hack that just duplicates money and dose t steal from the company. Or im i just paranoid and forget about it its just a game?

Oh, come now, 500 million game dollars would only cost someone a mere… … … 10,000 dollars! Who doesn’t have that kind of money? :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I just looked it up online, and it looks like it’s a money glitch where u keep duplicating cars and selling them off. Normally, I’d be inclined to say that if a glitch is in the game, it’s in the game, but seeing as there’s actual real money tied-in to all this, it definitely seems dishonest to me, especially since u know the developers didn’t mean to have this glitch in the 1st place, and purposely implemented that system of using real money to buy game money; If that wasn’t there, and also if there wasn’t (I’m not sure if there is or isn’t) no other way to convert those game dollars into some kind of real life prize, award, gift, online rankings/awards, etc., then I would think it would be fine to utilize the glitch.

So in this particular case, I would recommend not participating in this activity or accepting substantial amounts of money from people in the future. I would also get rid of the money if u can. But if u can’t, I wouldn’t worry about it.

This is all just what I would do. I’m sure other people may provide good and respectable counter-arguments to this, though. :slight_smile:

Nice explanation. I could return it , but i have to do a long compliant saying to take away the money.Also it takes days as well to remove the money. I think I’m going to keep it , rock* mistake they didn’t fix this already. Also I’m getting banned as well cause people are saying do the report and don’t waste any money and i did so i guess I’m getting banned for a cool month an might as well have fun with money. I guess me and my 3 friends online are getting banned and going to be named a cheater and have to wear a dunce hat on our character. :sleepy:

I am confused.

You are concerned about stealing money in a game.
But you are not concerned about the other sinful behavior the game rewards the player for?

Either it is a game and morality is not a part or it is not a game.

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