I'm in a Spiritual Rut


Hi Everyone. Like many of you know, I have been discerning my vocation for a long time. School has resumed, I’ve gotten increasingly busy, and I’m just confused. I am POSITIVE that I have a vocation to religious life/priesthood. I need something to inspire me. I have a question in mind (I know I know the answer, but I need reassurance). What is the importance of priests and nuns? I specifically mean priests and nuns. Not religious brothers. Priests and Nuns. How fundamental are they? Like how important are nuns to the Church? What about priests? I need something to uplift my faith. Any lit. recommendations would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


Laymen and Preachers may be the “face of the Church” so to be speak but contemplative religious are the air, the strength of the Church, there prayers/sacrifices is what gives us strength, truly they have a noble vocation. God bless!


I have recently ‘woken up’ from a long spiritual hibernation - I believe the Holy Spirit was tapping me on the shoulder and calling me back to my Catholic faith. I was going to mass regularly - because I am a rule-abiding person - and to be an example to my child, who was starting to be more spiritual than I was! - but I was not '‘there’. I was going through the motions. Then, it started to affect me - I’d be in mass - saying the prayers, not really ‘there’ - and my eyes would fill up with tears. It started during the Lamb of God. Every time. Then other things happened, a chain of events, and I started to study and learn everything I could get my hands and ears on and realized the tremendous gift of the Eucharist. And the tremendous gift of the priests who make it possible for someone like me to receive Jesus - every day if I want to. Important? Yes yes yes! Essential. Soul-saving. There is nothing more important. Do not doubt that.

As for nuns, it honestly lifts my heart when I hear about young women entering religious life. And I love to hear about the saints who went before, women who dedicated their lives to God. In this world where there is so much selfishness, it lifts us all up when people among us are selfless and fall in love with God and his church.

Two of my aunts were Franciscans - my grandma could not have been prouder about that.

God bless you in your vocation. I thank you in advance for the soul-saving work you will be doing.


A priest is probably the most important part of how we celebrate our faith because it is the priest that consecrates bread and wine to become the body and blood of Our Savior Jesus Christ.


Pope John Paul II wrote an uplifting book about what it means to be a priest called "Gift and Mystery." It is a short and interesting read.

Nuns, I think, are sometimes more subtle. St. Faustina's diaries sparked the Divine Mercy growing so much. St. Therese of Lisieux is the patron saint of many Catholic women for her ability to find the little ways of being holy. A girl I know who is in her novitiate was so in love with Jesus that she would talk about Him like a husband (which is true in a way). She would skip social events because she loved spending time in front of the Blessed Sacrament, and she couldn't ever stop thinking about Him. Everyone said that she shined like a light because of her spirituality.

I pray you feel better.


Sorry to hear you are in a rut,. The one thing about being a priest is without them we could not have any of the 7 Sacraments. Only a Priest can make these happen. We really need more Priests, Please Pray about it, Then go, become a Priest and start saving souls. I pray for more priest every day so I will pray for you .

Best wishes


Without Priests, there is no Church.....


My experience is incredibly similar to QuietCatholic. I went back to Church after my first child was three as I wanted him to be catholic. I have always believed in God. I started feeling strange things in mass. It came to a head last year when I felt that one of our priest was talking to me personally when talking about confession. I finally decided to go to confession with the main priest as he is slightly older than me!
It was a life changing experience. Confessing 30 odd years of sin was a very humbling experience but I felt God's fogiveness through our priest like I had never felt before, even when I talked to God directly.
To cut a long story short, the Eucharist has now become my strength, going to confession is a need I feel and I would be devastated if there were no priests around anymore.
I have also watched our Parish priest give support to one of our parishioners who had been seriously ill and who passed away in July, and he was amazing.
He has brought her a lot of comfort.
If God is calling you to be a Priest, please listen to him.
God bless!


This is the way I see a contemplative vocation. Preachers plant the seed of the gospel in souls. Contemplatives water it with prayer


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