I'm in mortal sin and not sure what to do


I’m 16 and I’ve had a problem with porn and masturbation ever since I was 12. Once I was about 14 I learned that masturbation was a mortal since and still continued to do the same sin. Though I didn’t know the severity of mortal sins, I knew that a mortal sin was more serious than a venial sin. I received communion, went to confession without confessing the mortal sin, and prayed all while in a state of mortal sin. I’ve 100% stopped masturbation and pornography and deeply want to repent and try to rebuild my relationship with God. I made the mistake of never truly learning how severe mortal sins were and now that I know, I’m terrified. I’ve completely ruined my relationship with God and deeply offended him. As I said, on top of the lustful sin I willingly chose to commit, I also have received communion and gone to confession knowingly leaving out the mortal sin. I’m going to confession as soon as I can but is it possible for me to fully rebuild my relationship with God? I feel sick to my stomach know I fell into the devil’s trap and became so addicted I chose sin over God. I badly need a point in the right direction for what I need to do the redeem myself. Also, what more do I need to confess besides the masturbation, porn, and willingly leaving out a sin in confession. I want to be 100% honest with God.


Can’t you just go to confession?


I’m going tomorrow when it’s available but I need to know what else I need to do the repair my relationship with God.


. Sacrament of Reconcilliation repairs our relationship with God. It restores us to God’s love


I agree with the above. God says in Isaiah 1:18: " “Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, I will make them as white as wool.”
Many of us make mistakes and commit sins when we are just learning about the faith. You are not the first. Just go to confession, tell what you’ve committed, and God will forgive you totally. Jesus’ sacrifice for us is enough to wipe out sins far worse than yours.
You might want to go through the Ten Commandments and see if there are any other sins you might want to confess, like taking God’s name in vain, being disrespectful to parents, and so on.
God bless.


Just confess your sins, do the penance that the priest assigns, have a firm purpose of amendment (meaning you want to change your life, which you sound like you want to do), and your relationship with God is restored! You will have such great peace! Afterwards, I would recommend daily prayer to both Our Lady and St. Joseph. They will help you to live a life of chastity.


You are a minor. The only advice we can provide on such a delicate matter is to speak to your priest, your Catholic Youth Minister, your parents. Go to confession and be honest, but, you do not need to go into details, with your priest. He will ask more if he needs to know, but, “I did an impure act 5 times since my last confession and I failed to confess impurity in my last confession” should suffice.


Talk with your Priest about it - not strangers on the internet…


Here is a true story that I heard years ago. Sometime during the early 1920s there was a young priest who wanted to encourage the people to go to confession. He got up took out a new %20 bill and said, " I will give this $20 to the first person who tells me a sin that I haven’t heard before."
Years went by. Sometime during the mid 1960s the now elderly priest died suddenly in the rectory. In his pocket was an old crumpled $20 dollar bill.
Don’t be afraid to go to the priest. If nobody could tell that young priest a sin that he hadn’t heard over the years then there is hope for you today.


I’m not on some random website, it’s catholic answers…


Yeah? Well take a look at the answers you are getting…they are telling you to go talk about it with your Priest…


Well I needed someone to tell me this as I’m not that comfortable talking to someone I know about this. I’m not a genius and needed a push in the right direction to get help.


I feel like Liam is right to ask here too, after all we are Church- first Christians confessed sins before Church- laity as ordained. We help each other to grow in faith and get closer to God. Him asking there contributes to that special relationship we have as fellow Catholics.

Liam, my personal experience would be very similar, as I had (and still do have) problems with this particular sin. You failing to not confess it is indeed sad, but nothing world-ending. God will and wants to forgive, just repent and confess your sins. I overcame this sin for 50 days when I made a promise to one friend that I wouldnt do it- my honor made me not lie to him and do it, and I just prayed and lasted long. Try to abstain from it, if you fall do not have the feeling that “it doesnt matter if i do it now, i have to go to confession anyway”. Every day fight the sin as if you just came out of confessional and while you might fall, try to always get up. God will recognize your will to be with Him, even if you can’t fully give up sin out of human weakness.


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