Im in need of some help with the mass.....

Hello Everyone,

I am currently leaving a Sedevacantist chapel. I myself never personally accepted their view and i am now feeling a greater call to return to the Church. I love the Latin mass and i am particularly attached to it. As a young catholic i am struggling to find out where i am to be.

I am afraid of going back to a regular Mass. I have this fear that the sacraments, even ordination, following Vatican II was invalid. I am so worried about this. Can anyone help me with this? Basically i am afraid that Vatican II altered the church so much that i ti no longer valid and in heaven, it is looked down upon as a protestant service. I have a strong vocation to priesthood so i know that i have to figure these things out and get myself in order.

My Spirituality is also very Marian and I am very devoted to several saints. I feel like i am “betraying” them by going to a regular mass, because they never went to such a mass. I feel guilty and it seems to me that the Latin Mass is the Mass of the Saints and the regular mass now hasn’t produced any. Anyways, can someone help answer this question as well?

Thank you for your help!!!

I may not be the best to respond to this post, but I fear that if I don’t, many arguments will be made for and against the Vetus Ordo and sedevacantists which will muddy your thoughts rather than clear them up.

For me, the simplest way to understand and be at peace with the post-Vatican II Church and the Novus Ordo was this: the mass was not the Missal of John XXIII prior to John XXIII approving it. More simply, the Mass has changed in many of the words, gestures, actions, and participation of the clergy and the congregation. The Vetus Ordo has so much beauty that has been stripped away, but by the same token, the Novus Ordo offered a better opportunity for the congregation to be mindful of the sacrifice on the altar and participate in the life of the Church in a more profound way.

In essence, what I am saying is that the Church is one when it is bound by a Hermeneutic of Continuity - when the current age of the Church is viewed through a lens which respects all past generations of the Church as they truly were (which, keep in mind, is partly constructed by their time and place in history). Would Jesus allow His Church, a Church with a billion followers, fall into apostasy and heresy because the Mass returned to the use of the vernacular? No, I believe that the post-Vatican II Church merely swung the pendulum too far the other way and is working now to stabilize itself.

We need priests who can respect the Tridentine Rite - know it, say it, pray it - and who can competently give beauty and grace to the Novus Ordo for the salvation of souls and the Glory of God alone.

Just so you know where I am coming from, I’m also young and strongly attached to the Latin Mass–and pre-Vatican II Bibles, catechisms, breviaries, spiritual books, devotions, etc. I find great strength in worshipping God with the same words and actions of my ancestors and so many of my heroes in the Faith. I totally get that.

But fidelity to the Gospel and the Church is the foundation that makes that entire edifice to glorious so God and comforting to us. We all have doubts because we’re human, and I can understand how finding the Church changed so rapidly and radically is destabilizing. But don’t give in.

Keep praying your rosary. Our Lady will help you. Bring it to Mass and if your doubts start to get to you, pray a decade right there. God will show you that you’re home.

I’m remember you in my rosary tonight.

Young man, a post after my own heart! I know exactly what you are going through, and your post displays the diabolical problem with these groups. You have, I see, the great question mark in your head - is it or isn’t is valid? Is he a priest or isn’t he? Is this Holy Water as powerful as that blessed with the old blessing? Is he really a bishop?

You even used the word “betrayal”. I used to say the same thing, except that I felt like I was betraying Our Lord by attending the novus ordo.

Ask yourself this. If you can’t trust the Church, who can you trust? One of the sede bishops, who might be a bishop, but is more or less useless since he has no jurisdiction? Whose word are you going to take? A self-appointed lay sede guru, or the word of the Church?

Start reading about the history of the Church. You will see that She has gone through a lot throughout the centuries. You will also find out how some people reacted after Church Councils.

My suggestion to you is to pray to Our Lady. She will help you. I promise you that. You have nothing to fear in returning to the Church. Be patient with yourself. It is going to take time. It might take a long time. You may even backslide more than once, but you have begun the journey, so keep going forward.

Braeden, I will pray for you.

Of course the new Rites are valid; they are since the Pope says so. That said, I’ve also formed quite an attachment to the old Rite over the last few years. You’ll hopefully be able to find a diocesan parish nearby offering the Extraordinary Form of the Mass; there may be an FSSP parish (still diocesan) near you or a diocesan priest offering the EF. Keep your eye out for a usefull book by Fulton Sheen called “This is the Mass” (a couple on eBay at the moment). It’s from the late 50s so deals with the old Mass of course, but since the new came from the old it will still explain a lot.

All on this Forum have given you great advise, put your hand in the Lord and Trust in HIM, and tell him like Peter said To whom else would we go to .

Some information of the FSSP which is the Tridentine Mass under Rome, remember Pope Benedict has said both Forms are equal.

This is in case you are looking to see if your called to the Priesthood. (Praise the Lord)

You don’t have to be a Sedevacantist to participate in the fullness of the “pre-Vatican II” rite. There are parishes which are in communion with the Pope which celebrate not only the Eucharist, but all the sacraments, in the extra-ordinary form.

Thank you so much to everyone who responded, I am so glad and releived. I just cant get wait to get back to normacy again. I have another question though, would i have to confess that i attened this type of chapel and received communion there? was that communion even valid? Thank you again!

Braeden, yes. Mention it to the priest. It is not a question of whether the sede Masses are valid (for most of them, they are), it is that these Masses are offered up outside of and against the Church. That is the affront to God.

Can I ask you what happened that you are leaving the sedevacantist chapel? Is it that your conscience began disturbing you, or was it something else?

Lormar, thank you for all of your help. I will go to confession this Saturday. As to the reson why i am leaving the chapel is because number one, the priest wants to start a benedictine monastery there without the approval of the bishop and he is the only benedictine in the area that is sedevacatist. He thinks that he has the power and authrity to do this out of the blue, i am disturbed by this, he also claims that he can teach seminary classes at the monsatery which i highly doubt. He ( the priest) gave me this book all about how evil vatican II was and i just couldnt beleive it. Why would Christ let anything “so evil” happen to his church? I know that after the council there were some issues (clown masses, irreverance, etc.) but that seems to have weaned off in recent years.

I have a very sensitive conscience, and it was telling me to get the heck out of there. I felt like i was betraying the Church and Saint Peter. They went on and on about “needing a true pope, not an imitator who taught the doctrines of satan”. It was this that sent me up the wall. I knew i had to get out, Our Lady and the Saints would never approve of going against the Pope, Christ’s vicar on earth, no they certaintly wouldnt. So those are my reasons for leaving that chapel. It is beautifiul, ill give it that, but what is the point if it is not truly a house of God?

Thanks again for all of your help!

Sedevacantists have subjected themselves to the worldly spirit of disobedience and division. Those who willingly associate with sedevacantists (you, for example) may fall under the influence of that same spirit of division. Any and all such occult influence must be broken. Mary is the most powerful intercessor against all forms of evil. Appeal to her, and speak with a Latin rite Priest about this. Seek out Catholic spiritual warfare prayers and pray them with fervency and confidence. And, remember that perfect faith drives out fear.

Logically: Would God leave 99% of the world without a priest?

Spiritually: Read up on the four main tactics of the devil. Pray the spiritual warfare prayers.

Pray for the protection of Saint Michael the Archangel and for the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

One prayer that is all too rare these days:

Come Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.
V. Send forth your Spirit, and they shall be created.
R. And You shall renew the face of the earth.

Let us pray.

O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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