I'm intereted in learning about the Brotherhood?


Brothers and others are welcome to respond, but my questions are pointed towards a Brother.

I've been feeling called to serve the church full-time. I told my priest I'm interested in learning more about the brotherhood, and he referred me to the vocations director. He's out of town right now, so I'm waiting for a week to hear back. I thought I would try to learn more about the brotherhood online.

I'm curious if you can share your daily life, and how much do you serve within the church and community? I live in WA State. I feel that serving the community will be very important to me. I'm wondering if they would allow me to use my skills, such as music ministry, elementary education, mentoring children, and assisting the poor. When I was in RCIA and later a convert, I remember there were brothers that would come in every meeting and assist with the theme topic. I always felt at peace when talking with them even during the breaks. They were really interested in us, and it always left me with a good impression. Are they considered monks, or are they separate?

I remember talking to my RCIA sponsor after becoming a catholic saying I'd like to get to learn more about the brotherhood. He just laughed saying "I knew you were going to ask me one day!" Sounds like a given then.

But I'm just overall curious what the daily life is like, and how much of that day or week do you get to serve the community, and if you have any choices according to your gifts and skills. Thank you!


Mount Angel Seminary in Saint Benedict, Oregon, offers a discernment class run by the Benedictines. It lasts one s only a weekend, but involves substantial teaching, exposure to the religious life, and prayer. You might email Fr. Odo and inquire as to what they will be offering.


Thanks, I use to live a few minutes from there. The town was where I did RCIA and I guess that explains the abundant amount of brothers and seminarians there. I'll try to reach him.


Hmm very interesting. In WA near the Space Needle there is the Sacred Heart Parish which are run by the Redemptorists-Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. They also have a brotherhood as well! checkout redemptoristvocations.com and contact Brother Larry Lujan CSsR :)


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