"I'm just a dirty Proddy.."


I’d personally ignore it and walk on, not worth the row. But I know other family members where if you stared insulting their faith you would be finding yourself on the floor. Not my preferred approach or one I think that is wise but it is certainly a real possibility if you start mentioning people’s faith in a disparaging way in such circumstances.


Christians get more leeway than Catholics because of the Church scandals. In general, Christians are considered mostly harmless do-gooders who are stupid with their money (because of tithing). Catholics are considered evil child-abuse/abuse supporters who hate women/gays and other such nonsense. It is fully acceptable for anyone in customer service to be rude/dismissive to a Catholic where they’d be fired for being anything less than pleasant to a Moslem/Athiest. It also depends on where you are. Northeast/Cali you can expect extreme Anti-Catholic behavior as a norm. In the South Catholics get some grudging respect from Christians in the Bible Belt. In the Southwest where the scandals never hit and there are more hispanics, Catholocism is more normative and priests and nuns can wear habits without fear of being physically attached or discriminated against.


I am in the PNW, perhaps the most self-consciously secular part of the country. It is just this side of civic duty to think Christians are intolerant, anti LGBT, etc. etc. The big negatives are pro-life/anti-gay marriage/Catholic scandals/basically just ‘super judgmental’ ‘hate-filled’. Pretty simple stuff, drivel really. But passionately embraced. In itself a ‘moral duty.’


Ireland is a country remember where over 80 percent of people are still nominally Catholics, although savaging the Church on TV and by polticians/pundits and so forth is quite common insulting people’s faith openly in public is not well received and is considered very distasteful. It does happen but usually in heated situations or atmospheres.


I rope the PNW in with Cali, but you’re right. In America what Rose describes is not shocking behavior, nor would it get one fired.

But I’m going to trust that Jack is right about Ireland, since he lives there and dismiss the OP’s complant as hyperbole.


Oh I’m not dismissing the complaint as impossible, idiots who would make such nasty remarks exist everywhere. However I’d like some context to it. Just for clarification, I’m from Ireland but have lived in London for quite a long time now. The possibility a cashier said this is not beyond the realms of belief but I’d want to know why they said it, people normally wouldn’t just say such a thing for no reason.


Given the poster’s history, this is why I indicate there’s likey far more to the story than we’re being told. Somehow, she’s always being maltreated she’s always being disliked…which indicates to me, with your words, that it’s unlikely the story played out as she has described, even if the cashiere did say what she did.


That more or less mirrors my own concern. Part of the narrative seems to be missing. People do not suddenly just spit insults out like that normally.


I would be honored to be called a “dirty catholic” :slight_smile: Sort of.


Interesting responses. My point here was that we all need to stop attacking anyone re religion. I was as shocked as anyone else but felt and stilll feel my reaction was inadequate as she was clearly hurting and seeking comfort. I was shocked that tis was still going around in schools here.

No way would I have reacted as others here suggest. I chat with many about many things.

Again, my point in this thread was that we need simple unity and yes, to be here for those who are hurting.

Not how the thread developed.

And the encounter has made me more aware and more senstive to the needs of those around me.


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