I'm kinda..well...Late


I don’t useally track my period. I have no reason to, I’m a virgin. I just remember when I started last month because it came at a tramatic and stress filled time (I cried every day I was on it). That was the 10th, which if I counted right I’m two days late. Normally I get cramps the day before I start. Not so far. I had minor cramps last week and that was it. What’s worse is my breasts have been sore. They never get sore.

I’m probably being paranoid. And since I don’t track my period anyway, I’m probably normal. I just can’t help wondering if something is wrong.


I never used to track mine either and it seemed to move around - sometimes at the first of the month and sometimes middle and then to the end.

If nothing has happened at the end of the week and you are still feeling icky, maybe see a doctor. But I’ll bet it will start pretty soon.


Sweety two days it not something to worry about. Cycles and symptoms can change as you mature. Breast soreness is a common sign of ovulation. It didn’t happen to me when I was younger but does now and not every month -plus some months are worse than others. The cramping last week along with breast soreness is probably when you ovulated. Sometimes I get mid cycle cramping and since I use NFP I know it’s when I’m ovulating.
Occasional odd cycles happen to everyone. I wouldn’t worry.


No reason to worry… “normal” cycles can vary from month to month for healthy women…
This idea that a woman’s cycle is supposed to be identical from month to month is a fallacy… the culture of the pill has put this “perfect 28 day cycle” into women’s heads…

If you’re feeling ill, then by all means go see your doctor…
But varying cycles from month to month are very normal…
Mine, for example, varies from 27 to 38 days on a regular basis…

It can take several months of charting to recognize patterns in your own cycle… don’t worry too much about a single cycle’s length…

Good luck!


Stress and trauma can also supress or delay ovulation, so if you had a lot of stress in the last month it’s effects are likely still lingering.

Normal cycles are between 25 and 35 days. Cycles vary from woman to woman, and one woman’s cycle will vary from month to month.

This is all normal. You have likely never noticed your cycle’s length or variation since you do not track it.


That’s exactly what I was thinking.


Thanks everyone, I feel better now :). My breasts haven’t been sore today ethier. So I think i’ll just enjoy feeling good for now and not worry about it unless it gets to the point where I’m really late.


Sorry being a guy I did not think about the direction of this thread, the first thing that came to mind was…“well if you are late, don’t be telling us on CAF, just log out and leave, get going where you need to be!” :rotfl:

(true sign of a CAF addict)


A few days or even a week or two isn’t anything to be concerned about. Many things can delay ovulation, which would make your period late. Stress, illness, emotional upset, etc. But if you are consistently very very irregular, you need to get checked. It sounds like this is not the case with you, so just relax. :slight_smile:


sigh Boys. :rolleyes:

Goth_Catholic: I’m sure you’re fine. When I was in high school, I was so regular that one could set one’s clock by my cycle (it would start at approximately the same time of day every 4 weeks). When I moved away from home to start college, it was a whopping two weeks late. Yes, it was freaky, but then it went back to normal. Stress can delay ovulation, sometimes for months (although that’s not common).


well another day, no tell tale signs i’m getting my period yet. I know I shouldn’t be worried unless i’m really late but :shrug: this is another reason I don’t track my period. I get too stressed if i’m late. I’m a hypocondract and I have OCD just like my mother. :rolleyes: Although given everything that happens in my family…like today for instance the new shower my parents just bought last night fell off the back of our truck when my mom was taking it up to our camp. Clipped a mailbox and one wall shattered. :banghead: thankfully we can repair the majority of the damage and the people whose mailbox we broke forgave us.


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