I'm leaving Catholic Answers ... and Catholicism


i am so very confused right now.

but i trust that even as i crawl through this darkness calling out the precious name of Jesus, God will rescue me and draw me close to Himself in Love.

i won’t pretend that i didn’t think that Catholicism was beautiful and absolute Truth. but after visiting a nondenominational forum and reading their logical arguments against Catholicism, i can’t help but be drawn to nondenominational evangelical Christianity once more. i have been desperately crying out to God to lead me to the Truth, for i’ve been doubting the Catholic faith for a while now, and i feel convicted deep in my spirit whenever i read their arguments against Catholicism. it makes too much sense to me, and i feel drawn much too strongly away from Catholicism and into a relationship with Jesus alone, one not based on the sacraments.

i’m so sorry to anyone who will be upset by this … i honestly do not believe that any of you who sincerely pursue God and love Him and do His Will will perish. there are some who say that all Catholics will go to Hell. i don’t believe that - i’m not like that. i believe that God is too merciful to allow someone to perish who has loved Him and followed Him throughout their entire life. right now, i’m not fully convinced that nondenominational Christianity is the absolute truth, but i’m getting there. i have to admit that what i’ve read about Catholicism has terrified me, and convicted me deep within my spirit. the Holy Spirit seems to be leading me, and He’s not leading me towards Catholicism, but away from it.

i have had an incredible experience on here - met so many incredible people - grown in my experience of God and my relationship with Him. i’m not going to come back and start preaching about what i now believe - i’m not like that. i will come back and visit all of you and see how you are doing, and i will continue to message and contact my friends on here. i will also be keeping all of you in my constant thoughts and prayers. i just have to do this, because i don’t feel comfortable in Catholicism anymore - i feel too convicted, even though this will raise many problems in my life.

it would be easier to remain Catholic, i’m not going to lie. i would stay on here with the friends i’ve made. i would go to a beautiful Catholic college. now that i no longer consider myself Catholic, my parents i will disagree again. college is a blur all over again. i do have a question - if i don’t consider myself Catholic, would it be a sin to partake of the Eucharist? i don’t want to sin against God or offend anyone, that’s certainly not my intention in posting my thread. i want to be open and honest with all of you, and let you know why i’m leaving this website. my parents will still force me to go to Mass until i leave for college, so what should i do? i’ll have to tell them eventually that i’ve left the Catholic faith again, and it will be extremely hard. but i do feel that it’s God’s will, and i don’t think that i’m being deceived.

i love all of you so much, and will continue to visit you and pray for you. you are all beautiful, loving, amazing servants of God, and i’m sure we will meet again in Heaven very soon. * i don’t believe that Catholics are going to Hell - instead, i believe that sincere, loving Catholics who do the will of God will go to Heaven just like everyone who does the will of God and loves Jesus.

if any of you would like to talk further about what brought me to this decision, feel free to message me. i will come on here every day to check my messages, so it’s not like i’m leaving and never appearing on here again.

i love you all. stay strong, stay safe and take care of yourselves. God bless you. :slight_smile: :heart:

in Christ,
alison :heart:*


Hello Alison. That, by the way, is my name too. Spelled exactly the same. :slight_smile:

I feel that if you don’t feel comfortable with Catholicism, don’t force yourself. Usually, the fun will fade after being away for a while and you’ll start to question things again and hopefully turn back.

We’ll miss you, but we’ll also be praying for you.

If you have any questions, you can message me too. I’d be interested in hearing what some of those arguments are, if you don’t mind.

Take care and God Bless,

…oh, and by the way, I’m originally from Scranton, PA. Only an hour from you. Beatiful country in the Allentown Bethlehem area. :slight_smile:


I thank you for all you have done for me and everyone else on this board and hope that you find what you are looking for. I wish you all the best.


Jesus Christ—In the Holy Eucharist will miss you.

His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Each time you received Him in Holy Communion, you have Jesus coursing through your veins.

He will be waiting for you. In the 1 Church He started through His apostles.

God Bless.
+Peace Be With You.

You’re in my prayers also.


Hello dear, I understand that you feel a pull to pursue other churches and I will you a blessed journey. The one thing I ask you to consider is to continue to visit these forums and as you encounter other teaching in new churches that you come back here from time to time and consider what the Catholic churches in light of what you are learning. I believe that in time you may once again find yourself pulled back to the Catholic faith and that you will be fortified in your love of God through the experiences you have while seeking a new church. Remember, some of the strongest Catholics on here are converts and reverts :slight_smile:
God bless you!!!


And I think that converts and reverts are the future of the Church too! Just MHO.:gopray:


I stumbled on your post this morning - and I have no doubt you will generate a lot of replies. Keep following the Lord as faithfully as you can.

I was a nondenominational evangelical Christian not that long ago. I’m older than you - I was raised Baptist, became part of the Charismatic Renewal movement in college in the 1970’s, and have belonged to nondenominational, evangelical Lutheran, and evangelical Methodist (i.e., not “liberal”) churches for the last 30 years. All were great, all were full of great, well-meaning people, but they had deep misunderstandings and were full of misinformation about the Catholic faith. It took me a long time to get through that. Now I am so sorry to have missed so many years of faith as a Catholic.

Nonetheless, I think that maybe this is just part of the journey you need to go on, something you need to learn for yourself. Catholicism can be overwhelming - there is so much to learn, so much history, so many teachings. It probably is very attractive to find a church that says “just Jesus and me” - it feels like a good place to rest a while. And it will be. For a while.

On my Catholic journey, I have often said, “well, I’m not ready for that yet.” Things like the Liturgy of the Hours, getting to know lives of the saints, various practices, etc., etc. - these are new to me, and I can’t take it all in at once. So I have given myself permission to rest in the Lord whenever I need to. But that doesn’t make me any less Catholic! Jesus said “come to me you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” That’s true wherever you are. You can be Catholic and still say “I just need to stop and rest with Jesus for a while.” It’s okay.

As to your questions about partaking in the Eucharist - do you still believe it is really Jesus?


Yes, and know that all denominations have the truth in some form or another. Just not the fullness of Truth.

I have a feeling you will feel unfulfilled after a while. And you know what? That’s okay! We’ll still welcome you back with open arms. :hug3:

For now, follow your heart. It will lead you to Jesus in a more profound way and sometimes he takes us back a little ways so we can “catch up” with Him. Then when we do, we can move forward again.

With Love in Christ,


Maybe you should read something totally different. CS Lewis Screwtape Letters. Which deals with temptation and how the devil works to subvert or confuse us and lead us away from the truth. It is a powerful satire on how there is a constant spiritual battle going on to keep us from the truth. It’s a battle we cannot win alone. That is why we have the Catholic church and community to give us the strength and the courage to handle whatever lies ahead, along with the Eucharist which is food for the journey, strength for the years.

Then decide to get a spiritual director to talk over your concerns or confusion. He/she will help give you some real direction, so that you are not detoured from the truth…which is apparently what has happened right now. Remember this, the parable of the lost penny…and how the woman stopped everything to look for it. That’s what God will do…stop everything to search for you as well. He never moves away…we do. I will pray for you during this time of discernment and confusion that the veil will opened and you will come back to embrace the faith and it will embrace you as well. Never forget, God loves you unconditionally!!! Warts and confusion and all.


I really like the explanation given to me once (I think it was originally penned by Scott Hahn), where the Catholic Church is the Large ship slowly moving toward Salvation. The thousands of other christian denominations are our brothers and sisters in smaller boats heading the same direction, but they don’t have the safety of the ship, and our Pope (truth) at the helm.

Each are missing something of the truth.

Personally, I would miss Holy Communion with my Lord. <-This is the reason I am there, no matter what people are around me, the personality of the Priest, or the look of the Church.

God Bless.
+Peace In Christ.


Sigh. . .

My dear we have to go to the Church of history, not the fantasy of the nondenominationals. All these convictions in your heart you’ve been feeling would be more your own past emotions and the work of the devil.

You can’t operate on that kind of Faith, but on the Faith of trust in the full words of the Lord and His people, the martyrs, the saints who died for Him from the beginning.

I pray your journey wherever you go, takes you home eventually.

May the Lord keep hold of you.

Saints and ministers of grace, holy angels, pray for us. Defeat our deceitful hearts, and help us kindly home. Amen.

Welcome back when you visit!


Yes. Non-Catholics are not allowed to receive Eucharist. Neither are Catholics who are aware of a grave sin on their conscience.


Yes, and missing Mass would be a grave sin. Alison, please do not let the forces of Satan pull you from Christ and his Church. Satan does perform his work through good people as well. Although they may be innocent at heart, they are falling for his trap and leading souls away from the One True Church. Jesus set up a Church. He did not setup non-demoniationals for Sola-Scripture interpretation.


That’s true, believe in the church that god left you :slight_smile:


I’m sending many prayers out for you for guidance.

May I make a suggestion? Don’t rush into anything. You don’t have to make a decision one way or another right now. It sounds like you are a minor and will still be required to go to Mass with your parents? In that case, just go out of obedience to your parents (that’s always pleasing to God) and enjoy the liturgy. Take in the readings and enjoy the music.

You have the rest of your life to find where you want/need to be. Stick around here for awhile. You don’t have to consider yourself Catholic to hang out here. Keep praying for guidance and just take your time. Sit back and let God lead you where He wants you. Sometimes it takes time for God’s plan to make sense to you.


sister first I just want to tell you that you are loved here at this forum and that we’re all here for you. hugs of course none of us would try to force you to stay Catholic and we each have to follow our conscience. And if you decide to stay or come back we’ll gladly welcome you back.

At the same time, I really do hope you’ll stay Catholic sis. I believe that is where the truth is and that is where we receive the most graces…Protestants love God too but they’re missing the Sacraments and some important teachings, - it’s like they have pieces of the puzzle but not the whole thing… but of course they can also go to Heaven and there are many Protestants who are much better Christians than I am. I wish you didn’t have to go through this confusion but I guess sometimes that happens to people, and it’s happened to me too. I feel like you are making a rushed decision and please do consider taking more time with this and doing some more research.

You said you read some arguments against Catholicism at a non denom forum… I have to say that I’ve been to several forums like this and they always get Catholic teaching wrong. :frowning: I used to be non denom. myself and I was taught lies about the Church. I was taught that Catholic worship Mary and try to earn salvation and many other things. I know their arguments SOUND logical…but one thing I learned at my university is that everything can be made to sound logical. Even atheism. Anything can be twisted… the devil is really good at twisting Scripture, he even tried to deceive Christ in this way in the desert.

is there anything particular that they said that really made you doubt? This is just a suggestion and you don’t have to follow it, but if you want to feel free to ask any questions here at Catholic Answers and we’ll try to help you figure out the Catholic perspective… there were so many times when after discussions with Protestants or Orthodox Christians I felt like leaving the Church because what they said seemed to make so much sense. But then after much prayer and talking to Catholics, I saw that they were missing really important points. Especially non denom. Protestantism, the Bible is read really selectively. And they believe that Communion is just a symbol and that by saying a prayer we can be saved…yet this is not what Christians have believed for 2000 years, it’s a really modern idea.

You said that you feel lead to a relationship with Jesus alone without the Sacraments. But sis, it IS Jesus in the Sacraments. :slight_smile: it’s just a way that He reaches us. This is just like saying, I want Jesus alone without the Bible and without other Christians… but we do know that He speaks to us through the Bible and through our brothers and sisters. He uses the Sacraments as well… and the Eucharist is actually Him. When I was a Protestant and started feeling lead to the Church…I was SOO afraid that I’d have to leave my “relationship with God”. I actually cried a lot during this time and couldn’t bring myself to even visit a Catholic church cause I was so afraid. But now I see that actually my relationship with Jesus got so much stronger and more intimate than when I was a Protestant. As a Protestant, I sang to Jesus and talked to Him… but with the Eucharist, we come into a real union with Him. It’s not just a feeling or a spiritual or emotional experience, but true union, and this is what He longs for as well. Protestants can only experience spiritual communion…this is beautiful too and they’re also united with Jesus spiritually, and He is in their hearts. But in the Church, we receive His Body and Blood as well.

However, I don’t want to make it seem like I’m trying to pressure you. That is not my intent at all. If you really feel that God is leading you away from Catholicism, then I guess this is what you must do. But please do consider the possibility that He will lead you back again when you are more ready. Sometimes this happens. I felt really lead to Protestantism and away from the Sacraments several years ago…but now I see God was just taking me the long way around, and He later prepared me to accept some things I couldn’t accept before. Eventually, He lead me back to the Sacraments.

I am just going to give you one final suggestion… seek to always follow God’s will. When we do this, God sees our hearts are in the right place and helps us. Try to just surrender to Him and see what happens.

And if you don’t mind I will keep you in my prayers, just that God will lead you where He wants :slight_smile:

You asked if you can take Communion if you’re not a Catholic… I’m sorry but I don’t think the Church would allow this, to be honest, cause when we receive the Eucharist we become not only one with God but also with each other and the Church teaches we need to all have the same beliefs for this… to be of “one mind” as the Bible says. Also, we’re not allowed to receive Communion without Confession (if there’s mortal sin).

However, you can still go to Adoration and I do hope you still will :slight_smile:

…I hope my post didn’t sound too harsh, - I love you as my sister in Christ and I wish you all the best. hugs

God bless you.



that is true :slight_smile:

it’s always good to just take the time, and don’t feel like you have to make a decision (either one) right now. Sometimes it helps to just take time to pray and read things and see where God is leading you spiritually.


I walked away from the Catholic church due to many things that happened in my personal life and I pursued another path, but I found my way back home again and I have never been happier.

Know that we will always be here for you and if you decide to return we will welcome you back with open arms. May the Holy Spirit guide you as you start this new journey :o



I’m a convert, too, and agree that getting a spiritual director (at least for a meeting or two) would be good for you. I also agree that CS Lewis is an easy read with plenty of food for thought (I liked Screwtape Letters, but really enjoyed and got fulfillment from reading his space trilogy - Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, That Hideous Strength). In an enjoyable format, Lewis shows us Creation and the Wholeness which I could only find in the Catholic Church.
We will be praying for you. I know that you’ve had a difficult time of it lately (some possibly naturally and some possibly from the d---- as he sure doesn’t want to lose your soul to the Catholic Church!).




Just a quick thought. I would get a Miraculous Medal and wear it all the time, too (even if/after leaving Catholicism). Let Jesus’ mommy take care of you and lead you to her Son.

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