I'm looking for a local charity org. that needs help


Sorry if I posted this to the wrong place.

The reason of my posting is that we (XITEX Software Company) have recently developed a design for a website related to the drug, alcoholic, and homeless problems. And now we would like to present is (as a Christmas gift) to a charity organization that would need it and that is engaged into resolving this problems on the local level. This may be some reabilitation center that belongs to any church or is operated by public. The design will come along with website and free hosting, so the only trouble for the recipient will be to manage it and use it wisely for its activities. Let’s say, the design was developed to make good for people, so it should be used for this purpose.

So if you represent such organization, or know one, please, contact us via the contact form at xitexsoftware.com/m1/en/company/contact

Thank you all.


Al - are you looking for charities that are faith-based only?


I filled out the form with information about The Redwoods but it asked me for my company name - I put none…but I gave them my email address as a contact.


Nope, it’s not necessary to be faith-based, although it should be charity, not a commercial clinic or so.

We’ve just received the message from the contact form; thank you for the advice, Leslie.

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