I'm military and moving to another base and my GF wants to move in with me; can you help?

So I’m in a predicament and I’m not sure what to do. I am Catholic and my Girlfriend is not but it doesn’t matter because I love her very much. I am in the military and moving to another stateside base and it is way too far to drive and see each other. She said she wouldnt mind moving down there to keep dating but doesn’t want to move in an apartment by herself or with any friends down there. She wants to move in with me. We both agreed to not have sex till marriage and I think we could even sleep in separate beds if that helps. I know the Catholic religion looks down on living together because it looks bad to others, but in my heart I feel as long as God knows we are not having sexual relations and I love her than who cares what others think. We both agreed long distance relationships won’t work and I personally can’t because I want to see her. Idk what to do and I don’t want to end our relationship.

Thanks for your help
God Bless


I appreciate your service, but I hope it does not provide an occasion of sin for you. Nothing is worth that. Moving in with each other is not the loving thing to do, although our culture doesn’t understand this. Besides the danger of being tempted to sin, such a life style encourages others to be unwilling to discipline themselves in the service of virtue.

I’ve got to tell you; her desire to move in with you, despite your fondness for her and her statement that she doesn’t want sex until after marriage, tells me that she is not on your wave length with regard to your values. Is this the kind of life style you want your children to come from? Be bold to put God first! He deserves such willingness. He was certainly willing to deny Himself on our behalf. Let you decision be the result of reflecting before a crucifix. You are in my prayers. Feel free to write me privately by clicking on my name above.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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