I'm nervous and I need advice


I committed a mortal sn and I have to wait three days until I can confess it to a priest, and that really scares me and I dont lnow what to do since I cant drive and I’m a teen yet. Also I tried going to confession earlier today but I got into the confessional and he wasnt their


you can contact a priest & confess tomorrow at 7:00 am mass

not a problem. shipmate

odds are that you will survive the night

peace to you, calm down…


We dont have mass tomorrow, and I cant contact a priest though


Say an Act of Contrition and calm down. You’ll be fine.


Thos is just a question but, is it really okay to wait a couple of days to confess my sins?


if you are so concerned, why wait?

you could be in confession tomorrow morning; i am in EDST

where are you?

do you have a car?

get moving, shipmate…


No I don’t have a car, and I cant drive without parent, and I know I cant go tomorrow cause we moving my family member to college


I would love too but its 11 p.m here and I live on a farm like 5 min from church


If you cannot make it that’s fine. There’s no reason to panic. You intend on going in several days. You will not be dragged off to Hell :wink:


you’ve answered your own question

do the work

custer OUT


Well, I’m overdue for Confession and I’m not panicked. Honestly, going 1-2 times a month should be sufficient.


Okay thank you


Confess your sins to God and have an intention not to recommit these sins (an act of perfect contrition). Promise to go to confession as soon as you can and than go to Confession.

Many hugs.


Make an act of perfect contrition, as it will hold you until confession.

Think of what your sins have done to Jesus, you greatest benefactor. They have crucified Him. Painfully killed him. Think of Him suffering on cross, submerged in anguish. In horrible pain. This is what you did to your greatest benefactor, this one gives all the good things you have and gave you life. Make an act if contrition and repent because of what you have done to God. Go to confession as soon as you can. Perfect Contrition will hold until you can confess your sins.


Actually there aren’t. That’s not a luxury we all have.


Act of Perfect Contrition, as the person said above, and then go to confession ASAP, is the correct thing to do in such a situation.


If you really believe you committed a mortal sin (it was grave matter, you had full knowledge and understanding it was grave matter AND you fully consented to do it anyway) then as others have said say the Act of Contrition immediately and then go to confession as soon as it is possible.

If anything less than all 3 of those conditions are met then it’s probably not mortal sin anyway but say the Act regardless.


@brian_custer, do you actually read the posts before you respond? The OP is a teen. Your responses do not appear to take any of that into account.


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