I'm not a catholic because?


You ever heard of the true religion of Judaism? 613 rules, all pointing to but without the sweet succor of Christ.
I’m going to be completely honest. You sound lazy. You Imply there is something wrong with rules, when they form the basis of morality by following God.
You complain about feeling guilty as though that is a bad thing when it is helpful to form a good conscience.
Then you say you don’t believe in the Real Presence. Well of course you don’t, your sect doesn’t have it.

What’s great about truth is that it doesn’t matter what we believe, it’s still true. So, if you try to read Scripture with just your eyes, you’ll most likely gravely misunderstand. You don’t have any context socially or anything. Then you don’t have the traditions that were not written down…yet you believe you understand it greater than Christianity since the beginning? Greater than the earliest of Christians like Ignatius of Antioch, follower of St John the Apostle.

This isn’t a game. It’s a matter of life and death. Of finding true joy.
An athlete may not like having to work out all the time, but he needs to do it. A Christian might not like morality or believing in the Faith, but he does it anyway. I don’t mean to sound harsh to my separated brethren, but I want you to understand the importance of the situation you are in.
God bless.


I’m sorry to say, but you’re throwing the baby out with the bath water. I too was a sede, but I realized much of what went around in sede circles was simply wrong, like lies or terrible misunderstandings.
Have you ever read Vatican II? I can offer a book for you if you want.
I know there’s a lot of misinformation around.


You might missed the rest of my post, but it’s not just Vatican II. Anyway, April 2016 was when I abandoned the sedevacantist position, and until February 2017 I was just trying to make head or tail about Christianity in general.



May God guide your path



Thanks for your comments. Yes there are accepting communities for every belief system.
And finding and sharing experience


No, I think the problem is you have an idea that is not necessarily accurate about what is infallible teaching and what is not infallible teaching, and perhaps an issue with sources, which are common issues for those with the sedevacantist belief, which you once held.
God bless


Again, I abandoned the sedevacantist position in April 2016, and attempted to convince myself for months that there is nothing wrong with the church.


What is wrong with rules?


Here is my second ever post on this forum:

See also:

And finally look at this:

Young Earth Creationists

But again, my point is that there is no changing of dogma or such. The main issue with Vatican II is ambiguity, and if you have not read Vat II then I reccomend you do.
I also reccomend this book,

I am sure many of us would be glad to talk over the other “changes” you purport prior to Vat II, one issue at a time

You seem Muslim (“our prophet Mohammed”), but such a system which declared Jesus as the Word but denies His being God is to maim God, taking away His Word.
You seem to say the Trinity is not reasoned. But does it not make perfect sense that an infinite being is beyond the comprehension of finite minds? But yet I do not understand what is so difficult to understand. God is Eternal. In this sense, all of God is Eternal, and His Nature is eternal. Eternally, Jesus is associated to be “produced” (this is causal term that implies there was a point He was not, which is not what we mean to imply, He always has been) upon the Father contemplating Himself, and the Holy Ghost through their love. One God, eternally.


How are you so sure?

Like the 10 commandments? Each and every “rule” is a true demand of authentic love. Simple as that.

A mortal sin is a rejection of God. So, sounds like good advice to me to avoid it. Most people overlook the 3 conditions necessary for a sin to be mortal, which very well likely reduces most materially grave actions to venial sin. A negative feeling of guilt that is not alleviated by hope is perhaps scrupulous and likely the result of an incomplete understanding of the Catholic teaching of God’s loving mercy.

Nor did many of the disciples. See John 6. Conversely, I know many converts who returned to the Church precisely for the real presence.

See my third point above. A kind of doubt is not the same as a flat out rejection.

I cannot imagine being anything else.

“Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life; 69 and we have believed, and have come to know, that you are the Holy One of God.”

Be not afraid to wrestle with these and more questions about the Catholic faith. Don’t throw in the towel just yet.


Islam, doesn’t say that Isa ibn Maryam (A) is God’s attribute of speech. It refers to Isa ibn Maryam as God’s word, meaning his creation from God’s command without God creating the means of reproduction. Some traditions also refer to Prophet Muhammad’s (S) pre-existent soul as being created from God’s light, this does not mean that God possesses an eternal light which susbsists in His essence, and that He created the soul of the Prophet (S) using that very light.

Yes, human reason cannot attain detailed knowledge about God from reason alone, but it can attain knowledge of God’s existence and His general attributes from reason alone; the doctrines of the Trinity and Incarnation conflict with the latter.


No, they do not conflict at all with the latter. That is not demonstrated at all.

I never said it meant such. I apologize, but some of what you say seems conflicting in describing the beliefs of Islam.

But this is a first I hear of the belief of Mohammed being created from the “light” (which I assume is similar to the Orthodox belief in the same) or some such, from what I have seen Mohammed was described as being weak to perfumes women and food.
What demonstrates that Mohammed is such a special being? Did he rise from the dead, or did he stay dead after dying from what he believed was the food from Khaibar? And then unlike Christ who established the Church, the successor problem from Mohammed’s death led to the whole sunni shia thing.


Seems an unwinnable thing to put on yourself.
The Church has always been full of imperfect people living imperfect lives, why do you demand they be perfect before you feel comfortable in the pew?


So the 10 commandments are not used in whatever it is your doing now?


Great point. Even children appreciate someone who cares enough to establish and enforce rules. Ask someone who grew up in a permissive environment, and was injured as a result. Most people realize a component of good parenting lies in creation and enforcement of rules. When the rules are broken in a healthy situation, along with earning a consequence, a loving parent explains or reminds why the rule is there and some of the pitfalls of not following them, the evidence of which is all around us.

God wants us with him always, and so on in to eternity. By living in the rule, we show God that we love him, and are willing to repay his good graces and love by obeying and pleasing him. Too often though, by arrogantly placing ourselves on God’s level by ignoring the rules, we think we know better and go out and do what we want, and I include myself in this. Fortunately, our God is merciful and let’s us back into his graces by regretting our actions and returning to the fold.

I pray that you and I, and all others that stray come back to our Lords table end enjoy each other’s company along with the Saints into eternity.


My Friend,

Your’s is a common error.


But the POPE like the rest of us can express HIS OWN opinions.

The issue you raise is legitimate; in how OTHERS are taking what Pope Francis wrote; whether by intent or not, only he and God know,.

BUT in any case this is the man; the Pope, NOT in anyway in what you quote DEFINED DOCTRINE and certainly NOT Infallible.

This discussion is regrettable, BUT no reason to t years years of 2,000 years of Doctrine and Dogma, that are the mainstay of Catholicism.

PRAY very much


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