I'm not a Catholic

But I want to thank my Catholic brothers and sisters for the positive spiritual work they are doing in this world, such as:

  • Telling the world about the redemptive love of Christ

  • Enjoining on political leaders to eschew violence and war

  • Encouraging stewardship of the natural world

  • Calling out for the need for a just economic order

  • Helping the needy and suffering

  • And much more

Standing up to defend unborn human life.
Standing up against government attempts to deny religious liberty through the HHS Mandate.


:thankyou: thank you for the kind words Matthew.

Peace be with you!!!

Thank you Matthew!

Thank you, Matthew & JonNC. God bless you both.

Standing up to defend unborn human life.

perhaps the Catholic Church’s most important mission


Thank you Matthew,

It’s good to see some at least some today see the positive works which flow from the church by the grace of God, instead of the many who have a major preoccupation with bringing it down.

Jesus Christ himself, in order to apply the fruits of his redemption to all generations of men, built his only Church in this world on Peter; that is to say, the Church, One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.

We are his Vicar here upon earth, We therefore wait, with outstretched hands, and with most ardent desire, the return of Our wandering children to the Catholic Church, that We may most lovingly welcome them to the home of their Heavenly Father, and enrich them with his inexhaustible treasures.

Pope Pius IX

I pray that you and many others recognize the good in the church and it’s source will come home.

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.


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