I'm Not Ashamed (2016) film

I’m Not Ashamed is a faith based film being released Oct 21, about Rachel Joy Scott,the first girl killed at Columbine. She’s a Christian and they made a film based on her journal entries.
It looks good. Anybody heard anything about it?


Yeah , I heard that some of those free speech loving atheists are making a stink. why? Who knows. Free speech for Me but not for thee. Regressive mindset.

I may be mistaken, but didnt the 2 shooters ask this girl something along the lines if she was religious, believed/ had faith in God, and then shoot her when she answered yes?

That’s exactly what they did. The Christian Rock group Flyleaf actually did a song about her, “Cassie.”

I remember reading the book her mom wrote, called “She Said Yes.”

Actually, it’s my understanding that another girl besides the late Cassie Bernall was asked about her faith instead.

Thats great she did not deny her faith.

It also makes me think about the more recent church shooting in SC, where the shooter asked numerous people about God and their faith, and from the news reports, I think some of them refused to answer or denied their faith (to save their skin). I feel so sorry for those people, that is something they will never be able to change.

It just goes to show, you never know when this question is going to be asked under threat of death, Id imagine none of them thought they would face that question when they woke up that morning!

I have not heard of this movie before.

I wonder why they are making it after so many years.

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