Im not catholic yet and was wondering what happens if i die before i get confirmed


i havnt even started the process of becoming catholic but was wondering if i die before i do become catholic would i go to hell ? if not why ?



Catholics aren’t the only ones to go to Heaven. It’s not a closed party, everyone is invited! God bless on your journey and continue to grow in your faith and spread the love and mercy of Jesus!



Are you baptized friend?

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Becoming a Catholic and getting confirmed are not your ticket into heaven.

It’s really between you and God what will happen after you die, whether you die this next minute or having been a confirmed catholic catholic, right after or thirty years later.



Welcome and blessings to you!

God is kind and merciful. He wants you to be close to Him and Catholicism is certainly a way to achieve that. We call it a journey of faith because it takes time to comprehend God’s ways and grow closer to Him. It sounds like your heart is willing to begin the journey, and that is wonderful. Be not afraid and don’t worry about the timing. It is better to become well educated about the faith before you join it. When you do get Confirmation, it will make it more meaningful if you understand fully what you are receiving.

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If you are not baptized yet but want to be and planning to become Catholic, you would have what’s called baptism by desire. If you are baptized you will be judged like everyone else based on your love of God.

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1281 Those who die for the faith, those who are catechumens, and all those who, without knowing of the Church but acting under the inspiration of grace, seek God sincerely and strive to fulfill his will, can be saved even if they have not been baptized (cf. LG 16).

Read Catechism 1257-1261 on Baptism of water, baptism of blood, baptism of desire, and catechumens.

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I think it’s interesting that there is a feast day for The Holy Innocents, those babies who were slaughtered by Herod at the time of the three wise men. They are considered martyrs and saints, I believe. But they wouldn’t have been baptized.

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It’s sounds like you have been baptized. If so, you can come into the church without waiting for Easter vigil, as soon as your pastor feels you are ready. Then you can go to confession. Confirmation is not what brings you into the church.



sorry for the late response . no sir im not



nope im not



As the priest at St. Melany’s in Tucson commented a couple of weeks ago when chrysmating (confirming) a pair of infants, Baptism provides the grace for you, while chrysmation is for the grace for others through you . . .

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