I'm not good with titles ;P


Nonetheless, I've decided a story just so you can peruse for your own benefit (so you ladies know how things work) or print it out and stick to someone's computer for that young soul's benefit, or frankly just because I kinda felt like talking. :p

So basically, there I was keeping my mother company at a concert where some of the performances were surprise (long story). Finally, a Gospel choir came in (yeah, here in Europe, hehe--mind you there were some great American accents there, including some really good Southern ones). I was heard as saying, "these are the angels coming, aren't they?" :p So then, one of them, I mean, it's hard to put in words, except she probably looked the same as her great-etc.-mother well might at the same age ("Southern Belle" is one way to put it :p). With a scarf around her shoulders no less! (And hair done high and skirt to her knees). And there was nothing odd about it (sure, it was intentional and for the atmosphere and all, but still). And the way she moved, nothing sensual, contrary, so full of life and joy! And infinitely girly. With innocent charm (mind you, we're talking age around 23-24 or so, where this tends to be long gone).

So, to heck with modern sensualised fashions (I may like American accents but I have a British one myself and I spell my -ise ;)). They don't even begin to get near this! :D Incidentally, I've already started inquir... errr... you don't need to know this part. :p In fact, I'm an idiot for not going up there... errr... wishing y'all a good day! ;)


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