I'm not really sure where this belongs

but I thought I would share it. A bit ago (last week maybe) I caught a little bit of Fr. Corapi on TV. I don’t know the full extent of what he was talking about but the part that jumped out at me was he said something which went like this: Isn’t it sad for people who don’t believe in God and Heaven. When they die, that’s it. Finished. Ended. Over. Nothing else. For us, those who Believe, death is just the beginning. When we die we have things to look forward to. We have the hope of Jesus, God, seeing our families again, being whole in God’s presence.

But what brought this to mind today was a friend of mine called and told me about her husband’s grandmother who at this moment is dying - she probably won’t make it the rest of the day. They are atheists. How sad to know that for them this is the end. To think that Grandma lived her whole life just to die and rot and the ground. I’m saddened to think about that.

Contrast that to a few weeks ago when a friend of mine lost her sister. She was able to talk about how comforting it was to know that her sister was safe and healthy now with the Lord . that her sister had seen God. Been with God. Can you imagine?? With. God. She said that yes, there was profound sadness but that it was good to know that we have God.

I pray that my friends family can find some comfort. Somehow.

Hi. I watch Father Corapi often. I’m pretty sure he meant that it is sad the atheists don’t believe in anything else.

When we die, we all go to either hell, heaven or purgatory. Atheists just don’t cease to exist at death.

What you can do is pray for this woman for the moment of her death and for the mercy of Jesus.

Right that was my point- they don’t believe anything. To die is just to cease being for them. That must be a scary feeling . That’s the point I’m trying to make. if you don’t believe that you will see God, how scary that must be. How scary for this family to think that this is the end.

I had a similar experience to yours last year. My dear grandmother, lifelong believer in Jesus, good Christian woman, died. She lived a long life, and loved the Lord as long as I knew her. At her funeral, although we were sad and we miss her, we had comfort in knowing that her earthly sufferings were over and things will be better for her now. We have so much hope that she is in a far better place.

Compare that to the death of a young (46 years) neighbor of ours. He was a great guy, good family man, died of cancer. It was so sad. But, he had no faith at all and the funeral was weird to me. It was all about memories of him and his life, but no hope for where he might be now. They held it at the beach, his favorite spot, and there were tons of people there. Of course, we pray for him, and believe in God’s mercy, but still, that hope is lacking for the family.

I think faith totally makes the difference in the grieving for the family. Another funeral for a 13 year old boy at our church was practically joyful as we remembered his short life and picture him with Jesus now, minus all the health problems that plagued him his whole life.

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