I'm not sure if I committed a mortal sin or not, or if i even sinned at all


Hi, I've recently been confirmed into the Church, but I still don't know much..
I received communion at 5:30 Saturday vigil mass (both host and chalice) and then on sunday at an 8:30 mass, I received both host and chalice again. I have learned since then that receiving both host and chalice during one mass only counts as one communion and that the specific two communion limit runs from midnight to midnight, but I didn't know either of these for sure at the time. I was unsure of both, I didn't know whether receiving the chalice and the host were two separate occasions and I didn't know if the next day was included or not. So basically I didn't know if I had received once per day or four times in one day. I now know that I didn't do anything wrong, but my concern is that I was unsure and still received. On the sunday mass, I wasn't sure whether or not I should but ultimately decided to after I saw some of the altar servers (or acolytes, im not sure if they are or not, im obviously not) I served with the day before receiving both host and chalice, so I figured that if they were doing it, then it was probably ok if I did. But my main question is that since I was in doubt and wasn't certain whether I should or not, did my receiving constitute a mortal sin because I received thinking that I might be receiving too many times?
Thanks for your support!


Nope. No sin at all.

For a sin to be mortal, three things must be true:
1-grave matter, it must objectively be a serious sin.
2-full knowledge, you must know that it is very wrong.
3-full consent, you still choose to do it anyway, and are not coerced or otherwise lacking the ability to make a free choice.

Now, receiving the Eucharist more than once in a day is not grave matter, so #1 doesn’t apply. You were uncertain, so #2 doesn’t apply. Therefore, no mortal sin.

The fact that you were wondering about the guidelines and realized you didn’t fully understand them, but chose to receive Jesus anyway, that was a good choice. It is also good to later seek out clarification. You were following your conscience in the first instance (making a choice that seemed most prudent), and you were informing your conscience in the second instance. Therefore, both actions were morally good.

Btw, congratulations on being confirmed. :slight_smile:


Thank you!


You received Communion once on Saturday and once on Sunday. That is fine. We can receive twice in one day if the second time is in the context of the Mass.


No sin here.

I am aware of the limit on how many times we can receive Communion. However, there are times when this can be "dismissed." As a Eucharistic Minister I often served at all the Masses at my Parish. Consequently I often received Communion as many as 4 times between Saturday evening Mass and the Sunday Masses. Of course this was at the request of the Priest. I also served at funerals, and if there was more than one funeral on a particular day I could land up receiving as many as three times.

But suffice it to say, you are not guilty of any sin here. There was no intention of sin and you did nothing against God.


You may receive the blessed sacrament twice in a day. I do it often. Some Sundays if my wife (an RN) is working I attend Mass and if she gets home early enough for the Sunday evening mass I go again, and receive both times.

Not only is this not a grave sin, it is no sin at all!



Absolutely definitively completely - NO SIN WHATSOEVER.

A person may receive twice in one day from Masses celebrated for the day concerned.

The Vigil Mass counts as Sunday (rather than Saturday, seeing as it's an anticipatory Mass which technically is 'after sun-down') so you could, just about, if you could find enough celebrations of Mass and the time to do so, receive THREE time on a chronological Saturday, although that would probably be overdoing it a little :)

Remember also that the twice a day rule is also lifted if you suddenly find yourself in danger of death, at which point you can receive the Eucharist another time as Viaticum, which means you can't inadvertently sin on your last day if you had already received twice that day.

The rule itself was only instituted because of the practice, hundreds of years ago, of some people basically spending their entire lives at Mass and failing to live and use the gifts God had given them - basically they were committing a form of scrupulosity, you could say, so the Church helpfully made it less easy for them!


Receiving the Host and Chalice does NOT count as receiving twice.


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