I'm only a sinner ... and becoming a priest


I am only a chronic habitual sinner who always commit sins against purity. How can I become a seminarian and a future priest?

I am indeed worried about becoming a bad priest. As we all know, Cardinal McCarrick’s alleged sexual abuse scandal had rocked the whole Church, in particular the American Catholic Church, and I am afraid of bringing disgrace to the Church. Somehow it seems clerics are more prone to commit sexual abuse, probably because of the fact that there are many eyes keeping an eye on one another in ordinary workplace and the lay society, whereas in parishes, seminaries and religious houses, obedience to superiors gives covering up of scandals more crevices to encroach upon. Also, as clerics are not as vulnerable to the temptation of money as laymen, perhaps the Devil loves to attack priests and friars with sexual wrongdoings or power struggle more than any other sins.

I am afraid of disappointing the Church and conclude my life with a miserable ending in the jail. How can one who is ‘rotten’ from its root become a priest?


We are all sinners…perhaps it would be best if you talk to your priest…he has already been there…done that…so to speak…maybe get yourself a spiritual director who can help you on your spiritual journey…of course it’s going to take much prayer on your part as well to discern whether you are being called to the priesthood…I would suspect that in the light of the sex abuse scandals that meninarians would have to go a psychological evaluation as part of the requirement to the priesthood…talk to your priest first .


I don’t mean to put you on the spot here, but when you say you commit sins against purity, do you mean masturbation, or are you afraid you’re going to sexually abuse minors? These are two VERY different things.


I mean masturbation. But yes, I am afraid I will sexually abuse minors in the future since I now commit sin of masturbation.


Those are two wildly different things.


Yeah, those two things are totally different. Virtually everyone, male or female, has masturbated. Only a very small percentage of people have any interest in sexually abusing children (thankfully).

Are you attracted to children? If so, seek psychological help. If not, masturbation is not going to turn you into a pedophile.

How old are you?


Your connecting masturbation with paedophilia is a huge red flag.

Quite frankly it sounds as though you already fantasize about children in a sexual manner, but just haven’t acted on it, yet.

Do not run from your disordered sexual desires by joining the priesthood. Enough of that already.
God, please, no.

I appreciate your honesty and concern over your condition.

Please don’t attempt to become a priest.


Cool it with the inappropriate questions. Those should only be asked by those helping him discern his vocation.


Masturbation does not lead to the sexual abuse of minors. The vast majority of people, me included, have masturbated at some point in their lives and did not go on to commit sexual abuse of minors OR adults.
Chastity also does not lead to the sexual abuse of minors.

If you are having sexual thoughts about children or tweens, then THAT is a cause for worry and you should immediately seek mental health help.

If you are having sexual thoughts about the same sex, that might be an issue in your becoming a priest, as shown by many threads discussing the issue.

If, however, you are having the usual thoughts when you masturbate, about people of the opposite gender your own age or perhaps a little older, then you are normal and the only issue you have is learning to control your sexual urges.

Edited to add, this is a subject best discussed in person with a parent (if you yourself are still a minor), a counselor, or a spiritual director/ someone helping you discern your vocation.
It is not really a subject for strangers on the Internet to discuss with you.


It’s highly unlikely that you will randomly begin experiencing sexual desire toward children if you never have before. This is not something I would spend time worrying about. Focus on the issues with purity that you actually have.


I think your cause for concern is justified. Do you have a vocations/spiritual director? Have you mentioned this specific concern (re. abusing minors) to him? If you have not, you should immediately. Immediately.



@MichaelAnonymous , these are questions which need to be addressed to a priest in the Sacrament of Reconciliation .

Also if you think you have a vocation to the priesthood , your diocesan vocations director should be able to advise you .


This - is where confession - becomes something essential.

I think of the person whom God killed for touching the ark !

I will say this - you know what sin you HAVE TO uproot.
Take all measures necessary -
Better to marry, than to burn.


I don’t understand - are you suggesting he should marry? Not with his concerns.


This is not true. Statistics show the opposite.

I don’t think this is true either.
We all have weaknesses and the devil is good about finding them. But be careful about generalizations. :love_you_gesture:


Not at all. If you see the statistics, the percentage of priests who has committed abuse is not higher than in other categories such as family members, neighbors, teachers, etc… See for example https://www.newsweek.com/priests-commit-no-more-abuse-other-males-70625

Now, of course, a single case of minor abuse performed by a priest is a terrible tragedy, and we must all do our best to prevent that from happening. But we must also be aware that all the campaigns aiming at presenting e.g. celibacy as a cause for child abuse are not founded in real data. Abuse is present in all aspects of society, and the cause must be rather looked for in other places, like the pansexualism of our current culture.

I would say your case needs to be addressed after a personal study. That can only be done by talking to a priest in the first place, and having a follow-up with him.

Also, I think this should be addressed from the psychological prospective too, but not every psychologist will be well suited for it. Dioceses normally have some specialized psychologists, that evaluate candidates before entering the seminary. A priest, probably the vocations director of your diocese, can for sure lead you to the right person.


I am 23. And no, no interest in children.


No, I did not link them up LOL. I asked simply because of fear that the two are related, not because I have fantasized.


You should be cool then.


Make an act of perfect contrition after sinning to remove eternal punishment provided you will go to confession ASAP. It will also help strengthen you against sinning.
To make an act of perfect contrition, think of Jesus suffering on the cross for you sins. Your sins have done that to you greatest benefactor.
For a good source on making an act of perfect contrition, see:

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