I'm praticing being a Catholic Apologetic. Can you help?


I’m practicing being a Roman Catholic apologetic/defender of my faith. I was hoping you guys could help me with that by asking questions regarding Catholicism and/or Christianity and I’d try to answer to the best of my ability.

And please, be respectful.


How long have you been playing apologist? You do this on the sidelines or are you actually a priest or a religious scholar?


I’m not a clergyman, but I have been helping the faith for about a year or two.


Here’s a question for you…
If the people of John 6 believed Christ was speaking literally why didn’t they run toward him and gnaw on His flesh therefore guaranteeing eternal life??
…People have been seeking eternal life both spiritually and fleshly since the earliest of times.


You know what, anyone can work at defending their faith. It is great someone wants to learn the core values to defend our faith. You don’t need to be a priest or religious scholar.

Sorry but that was a lame reply in my book.

I too have been working at learn our faith deeper and I was directed to this site by leaders of my parish.


They have books on beginning apologetics. They also have a study guide. I am looking into buying these soon.

Oh, this thread is in the “Non-Catholic Religions” forum, you may want to see about getting it moved.


I guess you are here to hone your apologetic skills. You must have had experience dealing with bible contradictions, and explaining traditions like apostolic succession. If you want some more of that youll get it a lot of it from Atheist and Protestant forums. I know a couple, interested?

Else why dont you try some existing threads here? My favorites here are called “Explain this - Non Catholics?” and “What are the reasons I should (or shouldn’t) become Catholic?”.


First of all, if you are being serious, then I find it a little offensive: saying that the Holy Communion is cannibalism and an idiotic and disgusting image. That insult has been thrown at the Church for hundreds of years.

Well, what would have happened if everyone in first century Judea ate Christ’s Flesh? For one, He wouldn’t have been crucified, He wouldn’t have died for our sins, and His Resurrection for our salvation would be nonexistant.

I seem to think that any Christian would of thought cannibalizing Christ would have made the Christian movement utterly false, and, ultimately, an idiotic religion. - since their Messiah was consumed by many people.


I don’t mean to sound cocky or self-absorbed, but I prefer questions directly asked to me, inso I could personally answer them.


Because I was hoping non-Christian’s would ask questions about Christianity (ex, from Jews, Muslims, etc).

And I’m sure other Christian denomination members explore this thread too, right?


great apologists dont get easily insulted. :slight_smile:

yikes. right, you need more practice. :slight_smile:

Like I said, you’ll get a lot of that from anti-catholic sites.


they didnt believe that Jesus was speaking literaly.


what would you say to someone who asks “why do i need a priest in order to be a good christian?”


mocking the eucharist shows a deep disrespect for god. you and christopher hitchens should form an act and take it on the road.


I would respond, “You don’t need to be a priest to be a good Christian. You can just be a respectful member of Christendom.”


yikes. that doesnt sound very catholic.


I said it from a practicle viewpoint - one that could be accepted by all** Christians. There wasn’t meant to be any theological viewpoint (excluding His Death and Resurrection), just something obvious - for I felt the poster who asked that question was just mocking Catholicism (and Orthodoxy, mind you)


How so, if I may ask?

I put great emphasis on works, instead of sola fide, for salvation.


i’m not a christian, but isnt it that only priests can dispense some of the much needed catholic sacraments? like the eucharist. how can anyone be a complete catholic without that?


You’re right: the Eurcharist is not the literal Flesh and Blood of Christ unless powered by a Catholic (or Orthodox) Priest. A non-clergyman can not do the Miracles that priests do (except for emergency Baptism).

But I was just answering, saying that it isn’t nessessary to join the clergy to be a good person - it can help, but it isn’t mandatory.

And if you don’t mind me asking, what religion are you? I assume that your agnostic, but, as they say, assuming makes an [different word for arse] of U and ME. :smiley:


lol anti cahtolic sites are kind of halarious

Their main argument is to talk about something they dunno about.
they think the bible is “completely literaly” so they try to debunk it arguing about some so call contradictions in it, while those so call contradictions have a perfect explanation in catholicism.

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