I'm scared!

This is a long post…but I am scared about something that happened to me…and I found this message board earlier today.
I am a teacher for a child development center at a local community college. The last six months practically every single person that works with us has been faced with some type of medical challenge…either with themselves or a family member. We all decided that we would come to work early and start our day with prayer…the group has grown…and now our morning prayer is something that most of us participate in. Well, yesterday, a woman stopped by to visit. She was a former student for one of the teachers at our center and apparently she has a “gift” and is something like a “medium” or spiritual healer. She spoke to several people at our center and was able to tell them things that nobody else would have known. Each person she spoke to ended up leaving in tears. I wasn’t going to speak to her…but curiosity got the better of me. I am so sorry I did. She spoke of how I feel…saying that I feel lost, unloved, trying to find where I fit in, feeling like people hate me…things that I honestly do not feel!!! She also told me that I had a dark shadow of a man standing behind me…she then proceeded to “heal” me…by running her hands down my back. A teacher who was watching her…said that as she was doing this, she had to stop and do what looked as if she was vomitting. Afterwards, she told me that I was too troubled and that she needed more time to “work with me”…she asked me to come to her house. I felt sick to my stomach…a feelng that is finally now starting to ease up…I began crying and couldn’t stop…the other teachers all tried to talk to me but I just felt this horrible feeling about myself. When I left the building I immediately started praying the “Our Father” and then when I got in my car I prayed the Rosary…I prayed the entire way home. Apparently the woman told them that I made her tired…she couldn’t "reach me"
Getting to work this morning, I spoke to one of the older woman at my work. She is very active in the catholic church and she comforted me and told me that what I saw was not “God” but something evil. We prayed together and talked more about it…I began to feel a bit better. Another teacher came in to talk to me…she held me close and prayed over me…my body for the first time felt warm and relaxed…while we were praying this woman called the school. She said that she needed to talk to me right away…that she could sense that I was crying and she was trying to “work on me” but she couldn’t unless I stopped doing what I was doing. What I was doing was praying. Fortunately, the person who answered the phone told her that I was busy and did not want to talk to her.
I just cannnot believe this happened…I know it doesn’t sound real…but it is! I am not making any of this up. I am feeling stronger and better now…but I just keep praying…anytime the thoughts of this woman come back to my mind I pray. It was even hard for me to write this because I was afraid of retelling the story of what she did and said to me. For almost 24 hours my stomach has been burning…I feel tired and worn out.
I’m so ashamed that I would let something like this get into me…I knew it was wrong. I am glad I have the support of people at work…but I’m still scared…I want to make sure this “person” does not try to get to me again.

It does sound real, I’m an ex-dabbler. Keep praying, keep seeking God’s will in your life & know that woman needs prayer too, lots of it. Most people where she’s at have no idea what they’re messing with. I will pray for you and her as well.

Prayer to St.Michael the Archangel;
St. Michael the Archangel - from EWTN

I’m also inspired by Blessed Bartolo Longo.

What you described is evil. I don’t understand why your prayer session allowed this woman’s intrusion. Just because she was a former student, it does not mean she has any right to come to the group.

Things as you described are always evil. Allow someone to “work on you” like that is to open door to the evil. You need go to confession, receive forgiveness, healings and blessings from God as soon as possible.

The good thing is you keep on praying the rosary. That is why the evil cannot reach you. Keep on praying the rosary, but do go to confession.

Yes, I would be scared too.

However, our God is much more powerful than a fallen angel or demon.

She can’t work on you because you are surrounded by God’s grace. Keep praying.

Pray the Litany of Holy Angels and Holy Saints…you can probably find it online somewhere. Ask your guardian angel to take care of you, which he probably already has…

You can visit this website saint-mike.org/spcdc/swprayers/default.asp and get some protection prayers.

Sounds like the Catholic lady and the other lady feels the same way that you do…

Go to confession and received God’s grace through that Sacrament today and, again, keep praying.

Don’t worry too much, our God is awesome and will protect you.

I will pray for you.


Just echoing what other have told you- go to confession asap, keep praying, and it wouldn’t hurt to carry a few sacramentals with you- rosary, scapular, etc.

Keeping you in prayer, too.

You’re in my prayers.

Here is a list of Catholic prayers.

And here is the Novena of the Divine Mercy.

The best way to ward off evil is unceasing prayer. In the early days of the Church, Christians prayed without unceasing because their enemies constantly tried to put spells and curses on them. This still holds true today, when the Enemy is constantly trying to get into our hearts and tempt us to sin. So let us pray while we work and play, rise and go to sleep, laugh and cry, sing and keep silent, go here and go there, do this and do that - with God it is certainly possible! :slight_smile:

suzepots, i just came across your story as i posted something a bit similar in the prayer threads.

i am going to pass your story on to my friend. thank you so much for sharing this. you are in my prayers.

and yes the rosary is a very powerful weapon against demons.

may God’s love fill you with peace and protect you from evil.

first off, keep in mind that you are on God’s side, and He will protect you from what evil, is trying to influence you.

This woman has some problems, that could be more mental than demonic.

However, to make yourself feel more secure, start wearing the scapular of our Lady of Mt Carmel. She will protect you from anything demonic.

Also, get a bottle of holy water, and take it to work with you. Don’t let anyone know its holy water, especially this woman.
Then, just take the bottle out, and place it somewhere in the room, out of the way.

If this woman is dabbling in the occult, she will feel bothered by something in the room, and it will be the holy water. If there is a demonic influence, she’ll either point out the bottle, or will be so uncomfortable, she’ll have to leave.

If her issue is mental illness, she will not be influence one way or another. Treat her as such as a person who is ill, and needs understanding.

Either way, do not allow her to pray over you! Tell her that you will only allow a priest to do this.

Also, pray for this woman.

God Bless

If in doubt, take this matter to confession. Any kind of dangerous spiritual results from this encounter will then be consigned to oblivion.

…apparently she has a “gift” and is something like a “medium” or spiritual healer. She spoke to several people at our center and was able to tell them things that nobody else would have known. … I wasn’t going to speak to her…but curiosity got the better of me…

Anything in that nature is not allowed by the Church. If one allowed his or her curiosity to participate in such activity, a confession is needed. That is for your own good and for your own protection.

A teacher who was watching her…said that as she was doing this, she had to stop and do what looked as if she was vomitting.

That further tells it is evil because when the evil spirit encountered the Holy Spirit indwelling in you, it caused her to vomit.

Oh dear, I’m so sorry this has happened to you! While I’ve never experienced what you experienced, I can tell you that I started to drift towards psychic numerology. Like you, I knew that I was doing wrong, but I, in a way, couldn’t hold back my curiousity. I thought to myself that “it probably has some truth to it,” so I looked it up on the internet. The more I read about it, the more interested I became in it, until it reached a certain point where I read something that I *knew *could not be true. I tore myself away from the computer, feeling kinda disgusted about myself. But that wasn’t the really bad part: I could actually feel the evil in my soul. I had opened the door to it. So I went to confession a few days later, but I wished I had gone earlier.

Now I never even go near anything New Agey. When ever I’m around New Age stuff in a bookstore I can almost feel the evil radiating off of it. I’m not longer interested in any of that stuff.

In a way, I think that God decided to finally let it “hit” me, not because He doesn’t love me, but because, like the child who needs to touch the tray of cookies right after it comes out of the over, otherwise I wouldn’t learn not to even be curious in it. I have definately had the scare with that, but I’m happy because now I’ve gotten burned and I’m much less likely to touch the hot stuff again.

God bless you, and I hope that you feel better. Know that we all love you.


I would most definately take this to confession. Going on one’s own choice, even if for curiosity, still opens a great gateway to the evil one. I think it needs to come out in confession, and even if the priest doesn’t think it needs to, I’d still say don’t take a chance. Keep in mind that confession is a healing sacrament, which is something that is definately needed here.

Get your hind den to a spiritual healer and tell him what happened.
(A good priest with knowledge about this stuff.)

I read Fr. Amorth’s book, (the exorcist for the Vatican), and these types of things need to be addressed head-on. Especially given the fact that you allowed her to place hands on you, and you felt sick. He says that physical symtoms are a clue that you should seek help.

The dark shadow guy is a clue-in on what this woman is up to, and it is no good. She’s trying to mess with your head. Don’t be scared. Have confidence in God’s protection, but call down the angels, and saints. Particularly the Blessed Mother.

This woman is evil beyond belief. She is deliberately trying to scare you and make you fearful. She likes the power trip. The devil works through fear. You gave this woman an inroad, and she will probably not leave you alone. Avoid this woman like the plague. Don’t forget to invoke the name of Jesus Christ whenever you feel the need for it.

You also need a St. Benedict’s medal with the special blessing. It wouldn’t hurt to carry holy water, and, perhaps, sneak a Miraculous Medal onto the property.

In any case, see a good, holy priest that knows something of this. Confession is a good thing because you allowed her to mess with you. I will pray for you.


I recommend the following steps:

  1. Confession.

  2. Prayer to take back ground from Satan.

  3. Prayer to break curses.

  4. Hedge Prayer for Protection of Self

See the St. Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling Help Page for more information.

As others have said here, you absolutely need to take this to Confession. What you describe may have been a mortal sin since it was a grave matter and you knew it was wrong, but did it anyway. Your consulting with the medium has opened you up to demonic harassment.

That is the bad news. The good news is that you can be restored to a state of sanctifying grace through confession, and Fr. Gabriele Amorth, exorcist of Rome explains that the confessional takes back more souls from Satan than exorcism takes back bodies.

Your biggest problem right now is not the possibility of demonic harassment. The bigger problem is that you may be separated from God due to mortal sin. It sounds like you are truly contrite; now just take it to the confessional where the sin can be dealt with.

I hope you will let us know how things are going. I will pray for you. :signofcross:

I read a few of the responses on here so what I have to say is pretty much the same.

What happened with that woman is evil. And nothing to ever dabble in. This is very serious matter. But do not weaken yourself more with worry. …First things first…DO GO TO CONFESSION-tell the priest your story. Confess all mortal sins so you can worthily receive communion and then receive it frequently!

Don’t forget, we have power over satan in the name of Jesus. One prayer my mother taught me as a child and that I have said many times when I felt strange is this…“You can not touch me in the name of Jesus Christ. I am covered in the blood of the Lamb.” This can be said to both spirits (if you feel your being tempted or tormented) or to people (like if you were about to be robbed).

I believe you are doing the right thing by praying the rosary! The rosary is extremely powerful. I would also ask a priest if you could receive an annointing of the sick. It will be his choice though, wether or not he thinks you need it.

Peace to you!!! In the name of Jesus!


First of all, I want to thank all of you for your advice, suggestions, sympathy and above all else your prayers.
I went to confession this afternoon and then stayed for 5pm mass. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders but I am still praying and have saved many of the links to prayers that have been posted here.
This was an experience I will never forget…and it has definitely caused me to strengthen my faith.

Praise God! I am always amazed at how God makes lemonade from lemons - even using our goofs to strengthen our faith.


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