I'm sixteen, what should I do?

I was born and baptized into The Church of Christ. And that is were all of my family are members …however I realized that I was not getting a closer relationship with God…so i moved to the Baptist church. There i became an active member who attened Sunday School and the Wensday night services. (Basically every time the doors open). However, recently i had some friends intorduce me to the Catholic religion, and have loved every minute of it. I agree with everything that i know about the religion so far (especially the bread and wine being changed into the actual body and blood of christ *)

Anyway, last Sunday was The Fifth Sunday (the day the baptist church takes communion). And before we take communion the preacher gives a sermon…this Sunday the sermon was about the communion…he said that the communion that we were about to take was only a symbol and was nothing more. I, however, could not accept that, for the first time, the church that i was attending actually said it…“it is only a symbol”…a view that I did not agree with. So, during that service, i truly beleive that I received a calling from God to convert and become a Catholic. I am 16 years old.

Ok, now I get to my question:

I told my parents and they were agains’t the idea from the very first second…they have proved to be anti-catholic. I have argued with them, and proven most of the the things that they don’t believe in to be true ( IE. Purgatory), which was most of their arguments to keep me from becoming Catholic, but now all of a sudden, after they have realized that I wasn’t going to take there arguments as fact untill i read up on it, they have told me not to argue with them because the bible says “Honor you Father and Mother.” I do not want to go against the bible…but I also want to become Catholic. Could you please advise me on my situation?

Dear S,

Your parents are correct that you must honor them and obey them in regard to those things where they are owed obedience. So if they say that you are not to argue with them then do not argue. However, each of us has a call from God to try to learn and follow the truth as he reveals it to us. Therefore, as you have opportunity, you should continue to study God’s word.

In two years you will be eigteen, and at that time it should be more clear to your parents that you are free to become a Catholic. Two years is not a long time, although I’m sure that it seems so to you at this time. For now, study and pray. We will be praying for you as well.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P., and Jimmy Akin

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