I'm so angry...death

My wife’s grandpa just died.

I offered yesterday to call Father or whatever she needed. Her dad told her today not to call anyone even though he asked her for a priest.


Please pray for him even though it will be retroactive, iI’m really shook up and emotionally hard up right now.

I could have called our Father and had someone there in minutes.

Please pray for the repose of his soul. I was glad to hear he received Communion with our deacon several times before he died.

It sounds as though he was in good hands and was ready to go in peace. I think that he would like to see you in peace too, not death, but not angry. Just remember the good times, because that is what he is remembering now as his life flashes before him in his meeting of the Lord. Most families have a litney of the membvers who have died they pray for often if not daily.
Grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, cousins and uncles and aunts and good friends too. Its good to pray for our deceased loved ones.:):):):):):slight_smile:


If tomorrow starts without me
I’m not there for a kiss good-bye
Remember our life together
Cheer-up and please don’t you cry

When the tears do subside, fairwell
I love you and I always will
The flash backs of life might reveal
The beauty of our life excell

On the way to meet the Father
From sounds of a trumpet and bell
Comes this handsome young blond angle
Hi ya grandpa, its me, Michael

He took me on a guided tour
Met all of our family and friends
You will like it here someday too
The glory of God never-ends.

I’m sorry about this. The fact that he asked for a priest is good. Terrible, that his son (? or son in law) didn’t respect his wishes, but good because it shows that he had the desire to receive the sacrament. I think that desire means a lot, when it comes to a person’s judgment.

When my grandmother was dying, I had to really argue to get my parents to agree to let me call a priest (Grandma was a fallen-away Catholic). Unfortunately, despite my calling, the priest didn’t come in time, and she died without receiving last rights. As far as I know, she didn’t have the desire for the sacraments.

It is really tough to see someone go, when you don’t have that confidence about the state of their soul. But your wife’s grandfarther’s desire for the sacraments, along with the knowledge of God’s mercy, would give me a good amount of confidence. All the same…:mad: about that refusal. And prayers for him and your family.

I’m sorry to hear this:( My mom passed away 4 weeks ago, unexpectedly, and that was the first thing that came to my mind too that she hadn’t received last rites. She was dead for many hours before she was found, so there was no way it could have happened though, unlike your situation. It has to be frustrating that the people in his life didn’t see the need for a priest given the situation. But, you did what you could, nothing less. So, don’t beat yourself up about it. Rest assured he is in far more capable hands now than we could ever hope to be. Prayers for him and your family:signofcross:

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