I'm so cold....

my toes are numb. The thermostat says 68 degrees. Dh wants me to keep it at 65, but I’m cheating.

Do you think that those circulatory socks for diabetes would help my numb toes? It’s sort of ridiculous that my toes are numb at 68 degrees.

I usually get cold around this time of year and feel cold until mid May. I understand why people move to Florida and Arizona as soon as they can afford to retire.

Are you cold, too?

Leoine…you should go to a dr. This condition may have physiological or psychological elements.

If you’re home during this time the best thing you can do is get your heart really, really pumping and have your circulation work for you…a good excercize where you break a sweat will do wonders for keeping you warm.

If you come down to FL… just bring a good cold breeze with you, please? :smiley:

We’re having record breaking HEAT… earlier this week was still in the mid-90s. :coolinoff: Our parish Fall Festival was this past weekend and it was so miserably HOT that our numbers were definitely affected…

I have really bad circulation, really bad and I mean really bad!!! I freeze all the time!!! :frowning: The doctor says it’s fine no biggie blah blah blah! The last time someone said something to me about it was early may, it was pretty chilly around 75 degrees or 78 or so, but with a medium wind, made it feel a little cooler, I was wearing a sweater…and I was cold…we were having dinner with my fiance’s parents, and my parents-first time they met- his mother looked at me and asked what was my problem, I told her I was cold…she looked at me and said I was crazy, I told her I had poor circulation, she told me “get your fat *** up and move around then tell me about bad circulation!!!” :frowning: LOL Infront of my parents, they just looked at me with pity in their eyes and my dad agreed with her… UGH!!! They have been obsessed with me losing weight it’s ridiculous! I did it once I’ll do it again in my own time- or when GOD feels is the right time you know?! I am not ready for it as of this moment so I am not going to worry about them…lol…

I come to work with 2 heavy sweaters, everyone comes in with a light jacket or windbreaker and wears their blouses or short sleeve shirts around and I am freezing the entire day!!! And this that I try to keep moving around in the office as much as possible!!! LOL

I would go get yourself checked with your doctor, sometimes it can be something treatable…My grandmother passed this bad circulation thing to me that’s where I get it from, lol, she got meds for it and that woman doesn’t freeze that much anymore!!

God bless and good luck! Right now everyone is wearing no sweaters around me, the kids even and I am under a blanket freezing!! hehehe

I’m watching my heating bills so 70 degrees on the thermostate is now a luxury. Here are some of my keeping warm tips: Gloves with the fingers cut out help. Those suede fleece lined boot slippers keep feet warm. A hot drink, on a warmer plate to keep it hot for more than 5 minutes is good. I commiserate with you, it’s going to be a long cold winter.

leonie have you tried those fuzzy socks you can get for like a dollar at Walgreens or the Dollar store? They look like cookie monster’s fur, but they are really soft and comfy. They’re cheapie but they really are* warm*!

Wool socks are even better. They have nice ones for women at places like Gander Mountain and Lands End. Pricier, but really warm and durable and more breathable. I’m wearing mine today, thermostat is at 65 and it’s 40 ish outside , rainy, wet, dark, miserable.

Thing about being cold is you can always put more stuff on, being hot you can only take so much off:blush::stuck_out_tongue:

If you think you’re overly cold all the time you might get your thyroid checked.

Ours is set at 66 but I see my DH eying it as he goes by… Yeah, I’m a little chilly. It takes a bit to adjust to the change of seasons. The AC was on just last week . This is quite the change in temp to now have the heat coming on. Bundle up , you’ll adjust. As long as you don’t have some medical condition and really do have numb toes. Go see a Dr in that case.:slight_smile:

No health advice, but do check with your dr. I was cold all the time and the dr found a cause for it in thyroid imbalance. I am so much more comfortable now. And also, I find it easier to get up and move around because I’m not so cold I dread getting out from under the blanket when I’m sitting on the sofa!!

Talk to your Doctor about Raynaud’s Syndrome. It can be a real pain but there are some treatments that can help.

Check out Raynaud’s Phenomenon on Google. Possibility?

Definitely talk to your doctor. It could be a circulation problem.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful. I have just the opposite problem. While everyone else is shivering, I’m sweating and flushed and so hot that I feel like I’m going to combust. People ask me if I have a fever. The idea of 78 deg. being “a little chilly” is hilarious to me–I suffer when temperatures are higher than 70 deg. I literally feel sick to my stomach in heat.

I’ve been this way for years and years, so it’s not just a menopause thing. It’s also not a fat thing–my mom was the same way and she weighed 69 pounds. My daughter is a skinny minny, and is always hot–while she lived in Michigan, she slept with her windows open in the dead of winter and drove around town with her car windows down!

And my other daughter is freezing all the time.

My thyroid is fine, BTW. We keep the thermostat in our house set at around 66 degrees. In the summer, I keep the AC on “morgue” setting.

I’m looking forward to the day when scientists create individualized climate-control suits–then all of us will be comfortable!

I have a heart condition and my extremities are now more prone to the cold :frowning: .

I bought a few pairs of thermal socks that are sold for camping & other cold-weather activities (check out Kmart, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shops, etc.) and they are so nice and warm … my toes don’t get numb when I wear them :thumbsup: .


Thanks for the great ideas.

I’ve been thinking about getting my thyroid checked, esp since I’m also so tired…but, I’ve actually been in two different times to have it checked in the past (it was normal) and the doctor teased me about my complaints. So, I’m embarrassed to call and ask for a third test. It’s been four years, though…maybe I’ll call and ask for appt with the nurse practioner.

I’ll probably wait though until dh is back to work fulltime. We have insurance, but even co-pays are a pain. Though, because of the baby (7 months), we have met our deductible this year!! So, I should get in before December!

I don’t know if I’m tired because of a medical condition or because I’m getting up to nurse a couple times a night!

My toes really do get numb, but it seems like if I wear fuzzy socks, my feet get sweaty. I can’t win!!!

I was toasty warm and cozy this afternoon ,then I realized that my four year old had reset the thermostat to 85 degrees!!! :eek:

I get icy really quickly. For me, I think it is due to the fact that I have natrually low blood pressure. I think I am only a few points away from having hypo-tension. For this reason, my circulation isn’t the best.

Aw, poor Leonie. :hug1: I wish I could swap locales with you, hon.

I’m always too hot. I’m a Southern Californian, stranded in the steamy deep south… AND going through Menopause (hot flashes… :coolinoff: ). It is HOT and HUMID here, from June to December.

I will pray for you, that you will find a solution. In the meantime… maybe DH can go get you some of those wonderful, fleecy socks with rubber soles on them (so you don’t skid)?

God bless.

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