I'm so confused about my vocation!


Hi! I’m a high school student and for almost two years now, I’ve been thinking about becoming a religious sister. I’m a cradle Catholic but I never really thought about my faith until I went on a retreat with my youth group. I got to meet so many amazing sisters who gave their life to God and it really inspired me.

Sometimes I feel like God is calling me and I just want to shout out, “Yes! I’ll be your bride!” And than other times, I’ll think about marriage and having children and think, “That’s what I want.”

And recently, my family moved and we stopped going to church. We haven’t been since October. So now I don’t even have that to help me in my discernment. I really feel the need to go to church and receive the sacraments, but I can’t by myself.

Any advice, prayers, personal experiences would be great. Feel free to message me if your also discerning.


The first thing I would recommend is that you not be mystified about the whole process. The very fact that you should even be considering a life so contrary to our rebellious human nature is sign enough that divine grace is at work within you.

I would of course recommend frequenting the sacraments so as to make that grace more abundant. As for your lack of sacramental life of late, if you are not responsible (you can’t drive, you can’t bike or find a ride, and it’s too far to walk, etc.), then you are not culpable. Nonetheless, I would exhort you to remonstrate with your parents about getting a ride to Mass (letting them know that you might be drawn to religious life, if you have not already), and I would recommend a good confession, considering the lapse of time since you’ve been able to practice, before communing again.

You might also want to consider asking your confessor to direct you as well. Moreover, there is also likely a vocations director in your diocese, who knows of the orders and convents nearby. It would be good to be in touch with him and to start seeing to which orders or types of orders you might be drawn, and contact them. Make arrangements to retreat with them, spending a few days, and getting a sense of their life.

If you have any more specific questions, feel free to post them. God bless.


Praying for you to find a way to go to Mass faithfully. Praying for you to follow the will of God for you, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. God bless you always.


Thank you for all the prayers and advice! I have asked my parents to take me to church, although I haven’t mentioned my discernment. I’m not sure they would take me seriously. I can’t go to mass because I’m unable to drive and it’s not in walking distance.

I’ll continue to pray and I know God will find a way for me to be able to go to mass and receive the sacraments!


Pater Noster…
Ave Maria…
Gloria Patri…



Praying for you to find a way to get to Church. That is so sad to hear that you have not been to church since October.

Continue to ask your parents to take you to Mass. Even if, sadly, they are not interested now, they may give in to your requests.

Don’t worry about marriage vs. religious life. I gather that you are a teenager. You have plenty of time to discern.


You may try contacting a nearby church to see if they have anyone who would be willing to give you a ride. Or maybe the priest can visit your home, with your parents permission of course, to discuss your needs. I mean, the need to be attending church, receiving the sacraments and all that. Once you start going again, you can start the discernment process. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing for sure right now. I am a convert and would love to be a Carmelite. But my age and health put me out of consideration. I, too, think the life of complete dedication to God is awesome. But it’s not for everyone. You might also start contacting different orders to get information. You might find some orders won’t fit, while some may be just the thing. While I was looking at some orders, I came across one in Texas that raises miniature horses. Wouldn’t I love that! Hopefully you can get started on all this soon. Also, you might start looking at college. That would also be something to discern.



Heh, that’s why I think it would be best to get a spiritual director if possible, especially if one is easily swayed from 1 thing or another. :smiley:


I too wish to be a virgin bride, I pray so much, but everyone says I have a lot of time,


You don’t state your age.
If you are a younger teen: wait and pray.
If you are and older teen nearing adulthood, I would suggest a year of college or so.

But keep in mind the road to become a Sister is long and that is a good thing. You can go for a visit with a Community and if you progress to entering an Order there is still years of discernment and part of the Sister’s job is to help you with that decision.

If the feel persist, there is no harm in trying that path. If it isn’t for you, you will know.


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