I'm so depressed


Hi everyone. I am so depressed. First of all, Obama won and most likely he’s going to sign in to law that Freedom of Choice act or whatever and make abortions much more common place. Second, my best friend won’t come over tonight. So yeah, I’m really depressed. :frowning: Please pray for me. I’m in tears right now.


I think the land itself is weeping.

Israel is swallowed up: now is he become among the nations like an unclean vessel.
Hosea 8:7


God help America now.


I agree elts1956. I so totally agree. :(:mad:


Dear Holly,

I am as sick at heart as anyone! It makes me sick that “good Catholics” all across this land voted for abortion tonight by voting for Obama…

However, dear sister, this is NOT the time to give up! Now, more than ever, our prayers of reparation should be winging their way to heaven to try to hold off the wrath of God just a little longer! We must pray and pray to keep the legions of demons from turning more hearts to their agenda! Our families and friends need our prayer!



Holly , you’re in my prayers and my Rosary I’m about to pray with sorrowful heart .
May God give strenght and comfort you , comfort all of us feeling lost , without hope for the future .
I pray for hope and healing and restoration for Holly and everyone of us .
Loving Father God, thank You that Your Son, Jesus Christ is the Great Physician who heals the brokenhearted , help us to hope against hope , protect unborn babies , save all americans who are grieving now .
In Jesus Name , Amen


I know how you feel but please don’t give up hope. God is still in heaven and the Pope is still our Holy Father in Rome.

Obama said he will be president to all. Please dear Lord, please include the precious unborn and helpless in his promise. Please God I pray for a conversion in Obama’s heart in this matter.



We’re supposed to Be Not Afraid, and remember that God allows evil to bring about a greater good…and pray…

and I feel really pretty awful about it all too…

please pm me if you need…

my two cents.


God is still in heaven and the Pope is still our Holy Father in Rome.

Great point, that brings things in good perspective! Obama is not my Pope, even though some think he is the messiah, probably even himself for that matter.


Im not american, but lets pray that his VP Joe Biden who is Catholic will stand against abortion, as of now, Biden is Americas Hope against abortion and same sex marriages.


Please all - pray for this country as you have never prayed before.


Thanks for the wish marlo, but uh uh. Biden is as pro abortion as bo. His own Bishop told him in 2003/04 he was not to talk at any Catholic Colleges in DE. He has also been refused communion by a couple of Bishops so no hope there, the sleeze.


Well, at least something GOOD did come out of this:
California voted to BAN gay marriage!
I hope that cheered you guys up.


Yep, there was a lot of good also… Let’s take a deep breath and pray that our new president is sincere about wanting to be the leader of all , not just those in his party…


What about those above his pay scale? Or was it those below?


LORD Jesus
Help ur Children across USA


:crossrc: Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen.:crossrc:


Thank you everyone for your encouragement and prayers. While I am still somewhat depressed about the whole thing, I do feel better than I did thanks to you all and your prayers. :slight_smile: Thanks again! :thumbsup:


Praying for this nation. BHO and Biden can do a lot of damage with a heavily laden Democrat congress. We even had nuns here in Pittsburgh who said they were voting for Obama. I would have liked to have had a conversation with them!


These are dark days. Israel turned away from God and was taken away in captivity to Babylon. Thank God that we have freedom of speech and of religion; we can still speak the truth and we can go to Mass.

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