Im so excited for my First Eucharist! how can i prepare better?

I am 14, and in 20 more days i will be the only Catholic in my family!! I will be recieving the sacraments of Baptism, confirmation and first Communion!! Only 1 more Rcia class to go (i dont have one the weekend before Easter vigil) and then 4 more after im baptized! Im just bubbling with joy and happy tears just thinking about it!! My question is: what are some examples of things i could do to prepare? And any ideas on what i should wear (i know a dress), ive been praying the rosary a lot and i want to do a novena but what else?

Hi and welcome home! :slight_smile:

I think your love and zeal for our Lord is preparation enough. Know that the love and longing you experience for Jesus in the Eucharist is only a shadow of what Jesus feels to be united to your soul. That being said, I would recommend praying the Chaplet of St. Michael.

The history of this Chaplet goes back to a devout Servant of God, Antonia d’Astonac, who had a vision of St. Michael. He told Antonia to honor him by nine salutations to the nine Choirs of Angels. St. Michael promised that whoever would practice this devotion in his honor would have, when approaching Holy Communion, an escort of nine angels chosen from each of the nine Choirs. In addition, for those who would recite the Chaplet daily, he promised his continual assistance and that of all the holy angels during life.

It would be great to have Angels escort you to your very first Holy Communion. <3

Ok thank you!! I will probably start praying it today!! :slight_smile:

Isn’t it the most exciting and humbling thing? I, too, will be confirmed in 20 days and receive my first Holy Communion. I think of it constantly, which is why, I’m sure, the days are dragging by LOL.

And thank you, FreeFalling, for that beautiful chaplet. Have bookmarked it and will be praying it myself in preparation for the Easter Vigil.


I am 15. I was 14 when I was initiated into the Church as well, and I am the only Catholic in my family as well.

I believe the Church is seeing more very young converts now.

I welcome you to the fullness of the Church! It is absolutely wonderful… I have been a Catholic for a year, and I can attest to the love and the fruition the Church offers. It has brought me GREAT peace with Our Lord and it has given me reassurance that He Loves me unconditionally.

You will as well, I hope, have this experience! Thanks be to God!

Remember to Pray Daily, that is the key aspect of the Christian Life, except the Sacraments! :smiley:

I would also like to add. Me and you are very lucky!! :smiley:

Catholics from birth, to be confirmed, have to do service hours, write a letter to the bishop, and a lot more things. We just have to go through RCIA and be confirmed by our priest! Haha!

Though I still do service hours, and you should too!! :slight_smile:

Thank u! Nice to know im not the only young convert :slight_smile:

Me too! I can’t wait for First Holy Communion either. I considered myself Catholic at 16, but my folks wouldn’t let me convert, now im 18 and becoming Catholic :smiley:

Its so exciting!!!

Pay attention during your baptism and realize that, at that very moment (while the water is pouring), your burden of sins are being washed away. :thumbsup:

Pay attention during your Confirmation and realize that, at that very moment of anointing with chrism, you are receiving the seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit. It ‘imprints on the soul an indelible spiritual mark, the “character,” which is the sign that Jesus Christ has marked a Christian with the seal of his Spirit by clothing him with power from on high so that he may be his witness.’ :thumbsup:

And, of course, pay attention to your reception of Christ God in the Holy Eucharist. Christ, is now nourishing your body and soul with His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. :thumbsup:

If you’re not doing this already, you might want to cut back on some earthly things you are attached to – whether it be watching TV, listening to music, talking, or whatever.

Haha facebook, and tv would be a good one for me!!

I’m 15 I am also getting by my communion in a couple weeks to. I’m very excited too. I pray the rosary and that has helped with my conversion. If you ever need help pray to Mary or to Jesus or any of you’re favorite saints that is my recommendation. :slight_smile:



I can’t tell you how heartening it is to see you YOUNG people coming into the Church with me. I am 63 so I’m your grandmommie and I want you to walk beside me and hold my hand on this journey. God bless all of you. :highprayer:

I love the rosary and to pray to st teresa of avila!

Thank u!!

Good on you, Maegan.

I’ve been on holiday in China for the past three months and haven’t had Eucharist for a while. I received today and began tearing up - being so close to Jesus, I felt like I had met an old friend again.

I think if you want to prepare for reception of the Eucharist, meditate on Our Lord and how much he loves you, Meagan. He gives himself to you - to all of us - because he wants to build us up. Approach your first Eucharist with passion, love and prayers, and God bless you.

St Gemma’s reflection on the Eucharist is wonderful to read. She had a great love for Christ in the Holy Sacrament:

Congratulations Country Steve! I’ve been reading your posts for a long time, and I’m so glad that you are finally at the point where you are now! The church welcomes you with open arms, and I know that you will be a positive FORCE to reckon with when you are united fully with Christ and his Sacraments!

This is so exciting. You are my adopted brothers, and sisters in Christ! Welcome to the Family. Remember this is only the beginning! Go to a Bible study, Youth Group, or something. You need to work out with the Holy Spirit on a regular basis! To grow in strength, and wisdom! God Bless you all :thumbsup:

God is prepared to use you to build up his kingdom here on earth.

To all who are coming into the Church this Easter, welcome!!! There are a few things I pray for each and every one of you.

When you are (or were) baptized, every sin you ever committed up to that point is (was) washed away. It isn’t (wasn’t ) “covered”, as Protestant traditions teach. It was removed “as far as the east is from the west.” All Original Sin, all Actual Sin, whether mortal or venial, is gone forever. Own that.

When you are confirmed, as another poster already said, just like in Baptism, your soul is sealed with an indelible mark. You now belong to Jesus. You are now filled with the Holy Spirit. You are sealed with the Holy Spirit. Allow him to teach you and guide you. Allow him to set the course for your life.

When you receive the Eucharist, you receive the fullness of Jesus Christ: body, blood, soul and divinity. You receive the fullness of his grace, hidden in the bread. You receive the fullness of his mercy, hidden in the wine. You receive the fullness of His Most Sacred Heart, hidden in the Eucharist. In short, in even the smallest crumb is contained all you will ever need to become a Saint. May you always, may we all always, consciously and completely receive that grace.

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