I'm so proud of my BF


I introduced my boyfriend to my younger brother - that’s the first member of my family my boyfriend has ever met, since we live about 5000km from my family (in Germany and Canada). I admit I was nervous ahead of time - what if my brother didn’t see all the great things I see in him?

My boyfriend started out by saying, “hi, I’m your future brother-in-law.” Luckily, I warned my brother that he’d say something like that, so my brother didn’t go :eek: . My brother stayed with me for two weeks, and despite my boyfriend’s busy schedule we all managed to go out four times together.

I had no reason to worry. My boyfriend was his usual endearing combination of funny, easygoing, and strict. He told me off for letting my brother drink too much one time, and I was worried my brother would think that my boyfriend was controlling, but my brother didn’t see it that way at all. We all had a wonderful time - the boys even decided to get piercings together to celebrate the occasion. :rolleyes:

My brother went back to Germany this morning, and before he left, he gave me one of the highest compliments I’ve ever received: “Your boyfriend really knows how to look after family.” :thumbsup: And THAT’S why I’m marrying him (as soon as he gets around to proposing :rolleyes: ).

Okay, your turn. Has your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/child/other family member done anything to make you proud recently? I’d love to hear some other people celebrating the great people in their lives.


Sounds like he already did.


I love love love the way he introduced himself–that is soooo cool, JW! I’m glad it went so well. This proposal is going to be quite special I have a strong feeling of that!!!:slight_smile:

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