I'm so proud of our diocese!


Planned Parenthood has HUGE billboards all over our city promoting birth control. These are very prominently visible boards saying things like, “BIRTH CONTROL IS EASY” with their website and phone number for information.

Well, our new director of the family life offices got a fund going through private donation from the public asap for a counter message and we now have 12 billboards across town saying, “BIRTH CONTROL IS HARMFUL” with the family life website and phone numbers to call. The bishop and the family life office have put together an ongoing campaign for several more series of billboards to follow with other such counter messages to Planned Parenthood such as “CHILDREN ARE BLESSINGS” during the Christmas season.

**I get all warm inside everytime I see one.:love: **


You have every right to be proud. I love this idea.

Brenda V.


WOW! I am awed.:thumbsup:




Is there a web site with information one where I can send a donation?


I’m looking! I read it in our diocese newpapers in November (dioceseoftulsa.org/news/index.html) and the site doesn’t allow me to read them online yet.

**familylifetulsa.org/director/director.htm **
Erick Bell is the person in charge of this program and who we are supposed to contact for donations. He’s full of enthusiasm and very passionate about infusing the community with our faith.

Hope that helps! I hope to add a link to my blog for others to see this there too. Wouldn’t it be wonderfull if in cities all across america we saw signs like this?


This post adds a beautiful touch to my beautiful day.


Fantastic news! I wish more parishes would take hands on effort like that to combat PP in their own communities.

Excellent work!!



How cool is that!?!


That is so totally awesome!!! Are there pictures of the bilboards anywhere on the www? I would be proud too.


Channel 6 in Tulsa has a picture of one of the billboards



Yippee! Thanks for the link! I’m composing a post for my blog that will have lots more information, but it is not up. I had to take it off because my blog was hit (??) too many times when it was up. I’m going to redo it and add info my local catholic newspaper and the family life office are sending me.

i’ll let you all know when it’s up and running smoothly.


Thanks!!! I loved it!!!


I’ve got what I could up on my blog and hope it stays up.


Judie’s Blog at www.all.org had something about this however since its now december (I assume) you have to click on a link to get the the november entries, where it is located.



Thank you! I’ll add a link to her reference too!


Wow, that is entirely awesome. And your diocese is just south of mine! :slight_smile:


I’m sending a letter to your wonderful family life director on Monday! Awesome!


That is great!

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