I'm so scrupulous

:frowning: I don’t even know what to think about this.

I just went to confession. I wanted to confess something that I only recently remembered and decided was a sin. It’s something from long ago. After I said it, the priest asked me if the sin was just a thought, or if I acted on it. I said it was a thought, but I don’t know why I said this cause that’s not true, it actually did involve actions!! :frowning: I just felt so ashamed of it, I didn’t want to say. Then, the priest went on to talk about the topic in general…and I realized that I wasn’t entirely honest with him. So after he gave me some advice, I said that the area I had struggled in, involved sins that were both thoughts and actions. But here’s the thing - even though I said this, I don’t think I was clear enough, and I think the priest still got the impression that the particular instance I confessed in the beginning involved thoughts only. Also, I feel like I explained it all so badly that the priest didn’t get a clear enough understanding of what I had actually done. (I was very nervous)

(sorry for this overly complex explanation…:blush:)

Afterwards, as I was praying before the Tabernacle, I felt like God had forgiven me… but I know feelings aren’t trustworthy… so now, I can’t decide, - do I have to go back to confession now for this? :frowning: If I have to, I will, but confessing this sin caused me so much anxiety I don’t know how I’d do it a second time. I’m so mad at myself!!! why didn’t I just say the truth the first time around!

Also, when I was confessing another thing, I forgot to tell the priest that I didn’t confess it last Saturday though i should have… BUT, it turns out it wasn’t a sin in the first place! So does it matter?

if you have a moment, please say a prayer for me…I keep on getting confused. I wish that for once, I’d just make a good Confession. Do you think God still forgave me? should I go again?

Okay my dear; first of all, you’re going to be fine :).

Fortunantly for us, the Sacraments (as you probably know) work ex opre operato; which means that they don’t depend on us. So long as you didn’t delibritely try to decieve the priest, there’s no problem here. Since they work by the nature of their valid administration, of course God forgave you if you were truely penititant - and I don’t doubt that you were! You have no need to return to Confession to confess the same sin again so long as you don’t try to impede the Sacrament.

For scrupulous persons, I like to say that you should withold yourself from communion only if you KNOW you are in a state of mortal sin.

thank you! :slight_smile:

I ended up asking a priest about it too…and he said, that it sounds like I was indeed forgiven, but he gave me absolution just in case. But he told me to trust in God’s mercy and to remember how the Sacrament works.

Afterwards, I realized that I was just being scrupulous, especially because I tried to correct my mistake afterwards (in the first Confession).

I’m going to really try and work on TRUSTING God more.

thanks :hug1:

My dear friend

It sounds like scruples. If it is you may get some valuable info from this old thread. We had a good debate/ discussion over this a few yrs ago. Go to forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=91679&highlight=scrupulosity Hope it helps.

May God bless you abundantly:thumbsup::slight_smile:



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