I'm So upset- Jericho was cancelled


I’m so Upset, this was one of my favorite shows and it just ended last week on a major cliffhanger!
There’s got to be something the fans can do, but there doesn’t seem to be any room for debate.

stupid CBS :mad:

rayne100, I sympathize. Cliffhanger–argh! There’s probably a fan reaction somewhere on line if you Google. You can get in on the letter-writing campaign. And if it doesn’t succeed, you can get in on the fan fiction which will no doubt come up with all kinds of endings for the cliffhanger.

At least they renewed another CBS show, “The Unit.” Give it a try. We are all rejoicing on the Max Martini website. Anyone who wants to join the Unit renewal celebration party, join us!

Thanks for the advise, I’ll check it out!

Sorry how you feel but the show was stupid–could not get through the pilot

The scriptwriters obviously never looked at a map of Kansas–the town is supposed to be 70-some miles from Witchita? and they can see a mushroom cloub from Denver???

Hollywood, look at a detail map of Kansas and Colorodo–EASTERN Colorodo is as flat as Kansas!–you dont see rolling hills for near 90 miles on I-80, let alonse the mountains visible from “Jericho”

OH NO!! I haven’t heard this. Now I’m really bummed.

I loved this show.

Geography aside, it was a great show, but I appreciate the lesson.

Here’s at least one forum:


There seems to be quite a lively discussion about the cancellation.

I don’t know who any of the actors are on “Jericho,” but you might want to try seaching for their websites. The Max Martini website has a whole lot more discussion about “The Unit” than the “Unit” websites! (He’s one of the actors on “The Unit.”)

Good luck. Shows have been saved by fan reaction, so don’t give up yet.

And like I said, the fan fiction is probably very interesting.

I loss faith in CBS after they cancelled Joan of Arcadia:mad:

Same here Meggie. Same thing happened there - and the fan base didn’t help. Good luck rayne100 - I hope it works for you!

Don’t lose faith with CBS! This is the network of “The Unit!” It’s a great show.

Thanks all, for the support. I really am not too fond of CBS for the most part. I did write them some feedback, but I don’t think it’s really going to make a difference.

As far as the Unit is concerned, I’m more of a CSI girl myself. That and Jericho were the only two reasons I watched CBS. I guess I’m down to CW alone :frowning:

Before you criticize the geography of a show you might want to make sure you have your highways straight yourself. Interstate 80 goes through Nebraska and Wyoming and not Kansas or Colorado. Interstate 70 is the highway that goes through Kansas and Colorado.

A slip up of interstate designation is minor–what the directors/writers put in that show was major league stupid. Look where Witchita is on the map–and draw a 70 mile radius from it–still not even close to Colorado–and even if they were smack on the border, they would NOT have the Rocky Mountains on the horizon

Why does this matter? Shakespeare gave Bohemia a seacoast, for heaven’s sakes!

I have never seen an episode of Jericho, but I can’t see why the geography matters.


there is a campaign against cbs to bring back jericho or push it to another network


everyone needs to help in order for something to be done.

i cant believe they are replacing this show with one about “swingers” (from an article in tv guide).

Because it shows contempt for the viewers, because the writers/directors/producers cant be bothered to get it right.

Because like other egregious faults, it breaks the “suspension of disbelief” and good fiction has to maintain–and can draw attention to other story faults–and believe me, this show had em too

We grant Shakespere slack because both he and his audiences really didnt know better–but evn though current writers often dont, believe me, a LOT of us viewers do

I’m not defending the show since I never watch it. I just thought it would be fun to point out the irony in your criticisms of geography when you yourself had it wrong. Like you said the interstates is a small point but still, if you are going to criticize it is best not to be wrong at all.

I thought you could see a nuclear explosion mushroom cloud from many miles away. Was the distance unrealistic?

In short, yes–curvature of the Earth is the major reason

I hear you, Meggie. I was really bummed when they cancelled Joan of Arcadia. In fact, it made me hesitate to get into a show like Jericho because you just never know if it’s going to be on long enough to wrap the story line up.

I wish they wouldn’t have ended it on a cliff like that. They could have wrapped up the story and given us fans some closure. Oh well. It’s just TV afterall.

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