I'm soooo MAD!!!!

While cleaning the house, I found a condom wrapper in my living room!!! This guy is driving me nuts!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: If it wasn’t because I need the money he pays for renting the room upstairs, I’d kick him out right now!!! :mad:

And he is such a pig! I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if I found rats upstairs! :mad: :mad:

And of course, it seems like he forgot the rules about the noise very late at night and very early in the morning… I can’t stand him and I’m not even hormonal right now! :mad:

Yessi, I’d give him 30 days nodice if I were you, and put up ads for a new renter right away. Prehaps you can quickly find a more aggreeable person to rent your room as soon as, or shortly after he moves out.

Thanks for the input Goth, the only bad thing is that I’m losing the house and the bank will take it sooner than later :frowning: , so I can’t rent it to someone else when I don’t know when I have to move out.

So wait… does this mean he used it in your living room??? I think I would have to hand him the wrapper and tell him if I ever see anything like this in my living room again… he is out!!! How disrespectful!!!

:frowning: Then I hope you find a new home soon.

Oh don’t even get me started there. UGH!!! I better wash my couches NOW!!! He took out his monthly garbage and FILLED our garbage can to the top (you can’t even close the lid and I can’t fit any more garbage on there and they don’t pick it up until Thursday! :mad: and he didn’t even stop to think about separating it from the recyclables), maybe it fell when he took it out on Saturday… oooohhh I just hope it fell off the bags he took out because I don’t know what I’d do!! :mad:

thanks Goth, I hope so too.

Be careful about any lease you may have – you may not be able to just give 30 days’ notice unless the things you mentioned are specifically forbidden by the lease you have.

Icccckkkk!!! Poor you Yessi :frowning: Is this the same guy you have had there for the past few months?

Yup, same guy… :mad:

Thanks Nanny PK, but don’t worry, last time I wanted to get him out I called the housing department and they told me I can give him a 30 day notice and if he doesn’t leave, they’d get the police involved. We don’t have a lease signed and he has broken the rules from our initial verbal contract and from the ad that was published. So according to the law, he’s only a lodger and I’m the one who’s protected by law, not him.

There’s another thread from maybe December where people told me how to handle it and that’s when I found out my rights as a homeowner.

Besides, he illegally added cable lines in my house (without my permission). I have an entire list of things he’s done wrong, besides, my husband already told him he doesn’t want him having sex in the house, that if he wants to do that, he can find another place to live, and this guy agreed to not do that… I can’t stand him!! AHHHH!!!

Glad you got some good legal advice on your rights. Just didn’t want you doing anything that would get you in trouble :slight_smile:

I’ll say a prayer for your and your situation.

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