I'm sorry for my arrogance (Joke Thread)

Being a self proclaimed genius has expanded my head beyond the known reaches of the universe. It’s sooooooooo big that other humans appear like ants to me on the intellectual terrain and so i often forget that they are my fellow sentient beings worthy of my respect.

Where did it all start i hear you ask… I was born with what some might describe as the mind of a genius. It’s not my fault. My father was a genius and so was my father before me. In fact i have been breaking a family rule. Never let anyone else know that you are a genius. I remember my father telling me “if the world finds out, they will do experiments on your brain in the hope of obtaining your genius for themselves” . But i am compelled i tell you, absolutely compelled to lord my genius over others. Please forgive me.

And so, it’s my intentions to apologize and say i am better than everyone, but it was never my intentions to make you feel bad.

Is that a trick statement? :wink:

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Please be lenient. It’s a genius’s first attempt at a confession.

Reminds me of this song…

Ahhhh. You are going against your massive ego then?

I am trying to, but i fear my ego is actually consistent with actual facts, so it’s more like playing down my incredible intelligence to protect the feelings of others.

My brain doesn’t understand the word flawed. Is that something you made up to describe your brain in comparison to mine?

(notice: this thread is a joke)


Ohhh so you are being facetious with the " I’m the best."

So you do know that i am the best! I will send you a leaflet documenting my 4 main strengths so you can tell your friends you are in the midst of a genius.

  1. Absolute Genius

  2. Amazing Genius

  3. Incredible Genius

  4. Beyond human comprehension Genius

Bonus: Multiverse genius

Wow! You have documents!! :wink:



You remind me of @goodcatholic :thinking:

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I remember that dude, he was saying that he was the best catholic. Or something like that loool

Wait…isn’t he still around??? Looking everywhere*

Oh! Suspended! Yikes!


Nobody mention Zombies!!!


That was deliciously creepy!

It’s actually from a Star Wars Comic. The Emperor was referring to Sith sorcery I believe :nerd_face:


What about your emotional intelligence? How is that?

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