I'm starting a Catholic blog

will explain the faith and discuss current events.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on what to call it.


I would suggest that you name it after something you’re very passionate about. For instance my blog is called “Catholic Country Girl” because I’m proudly Catholic and I love all things country and rural. My blog is a mix of writings on faith, interests, and country living. Good luck with your blog! It’s addictive!

Yeah, you should name it something you’re passionate about or… listen to the drive of the Holy Spirit… my blog is named the Cross Effect… and I can’t really remember why exactly. I just stuck with it. It’s mostly my thoughts and rants… some apologetics, preaching, theology of the body… in short… it’s more geared in spirituality. I haven’t blogged in weeks due to my work. Good luck and have fun.

My blog by the way is here catholicsamurai.blogspot.com

And after writing this… I felt inspired to blog… better late than never… Thanks to you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just make sure you are combining your blogging with actually going out there and doing it.

Much more can be done with a person then infront of a computer screen.

Think about what you want your blog to focus on, and choose something that suggest that. My blog is called St. Joseph’s Hammer, because it’s mainly about making things that we use in celebrating the Liturgical Year and St. Joseph is my patron. If your’s is about news and apologetics call it something like “The Swiss Guard” that reflects a defense of the faith, etc.

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