I'm starting RCIA soon!

I have been in contact with the coordinator of RCIA at my local Catholic Church for weeks now, and will be starting up the program soon based on a squedule that I can abide by. Anyone else gone through this program that wants to share advice or knowledge?

Congratulations!! :extrahappy:


Three things: Show up, listen with your learning heart (not your criticizing heart), and do the homework. :slight_smile:

WOOT! Congrats and welcome Home!

My family and I finish up RCIA this Easter, it’s been a wonderful experience.

I don’t know about all of the different programs but the one I have been in has been like an indepth Bible study on the Sunday Mass readings and how those relate to the Teaching of the Church.

We did initially go through a 2 or 3 month inquiry period that was just Q&A.

Both peices have been great!

Catholicism for Dummys is a good book for a general overview. My wife, who was never baptised as a baptist growing up, will be coming for Baptism at Easter. She picked it up recently and it’s very insightful. Persoanlly I have read about 30 books in the past few years on Catholic Apologetics but that’s definitely not needed as my wife has learned a great deal and is growing spiritually with little outside reading.

Listen at RCIA and Listen to God :slight_smile: He will take care of the rest!


Congratulations. Please keep us advised on your progress.

With prayers - Joe

My wife and I did ours when she came into the church at Easter '05. It was a great experience for us and was really good for us both.

They had some great materials and several priests and others who helped along the way.

May God bless you with as good an experience as we had.

As a cradle Catholic I checked out RCIA. Pretty cool. It is a “bird’s eye view” of the church. They did not get real deep. Not enough time.
Welcome Home.

those taking this journey, and those charged with helping them in this process, hang out on the evangelization forum, come on over we’ll leave the light on for yuh.

come on back here with specific questions on points of doctrine as they arise.

hey JK welcome home!

Welcome Home :extrahappy:

Yea! :smiley:

Just enjoy the journey! It is wonderfully exciting! :smiley:

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