I'm stressing about this


Today I made a mistake at my work where I forgot to make someone sign for a package. I told one of my supervisor about it and he did something about it, but told me not to tell the head boss. We didn’t end up getting the signature and the head boss doesn’t know and there is really nothing we could do about it. The package did go to the right customer, he just didn’t sign. I’m wondering though, am I lying to the head boss? Or did me telling my supervisor remove the lying part?


You told your supervisor, which was exactly the right thing to do. The rest is now his responsibility.


You told your Supervisor what he did with the information is his choice. Unless the Boss SPECIFICALLY asks you about this you didn’t lie, you followed your chain of command.


Can you call the customer and meet for a signature? If so, dilemma solved.


Honestly, I think you should. I am scrupulous, though, so maybe that is just me. I would, though. I hope you make the right decision!


Is the boss a micro-manager? You told your supervisor - their job is to handle things on behalf of the boss. If the boss needs to know, the supervisor will let them know.


We could call but the sheets needed for the signature are gone now, so it would not be possible


True, and the package did go to the right person, I know this for a fact


You’ve done everything you need to do or can do. You did the right thing and informed your supervisor and he advised you not to say anything to your boss. So don’t tell him! The package was delivered to the right person and it’s very unlikely there will be any issue with that.

You made a mistake (we ALL make mistakes, including your supervisor and boss!) You can consider this a learning experience and be more careful in the future.

My advice to you: relax, let go of your worrying and forget about it. :grinning:


In situations like this, are you supposed to go right to your boss, or your supervisor?


You’re not lying about anything unless you’re specifically asked about something and answer untruthfully.


A deed had to be carried out coming from A and going to B. You notified supervisor of the missing signature. It is your supervisors place to notify his supervisor. If the goal was achieved, no problem.
I guess I should ask,” what was the significance of the signature.?”
In Christ’s Love


As a supervisor in my job, I frequently take information that is “minor” and don’t pass it on. My boss has enough on his plate and telling him that would make him more stressed. I agree with the other posters. Don’t tell unless asked. If he asks, then don’t lie. Plus if he asks, he already knows.


Don’t disturb the apple cart.


Wait till you get way higher up - and way more money is involved - not fun.


I have been lying a lot since I started working. It will happen and I haven’t found a way out of it. Your boss may say - if X calls tell him I’m not in the office. Or don’t tell X this and that or say you don’t know if he asks you.
You lie, you confess. You lie, you confess. You feel guilty and live on.


By the way, Thanks for the package :package:


That’s important, it matters and you need to tell your boss about it.


I told my supervisor about it, if he didn’t tell him then I don’t see why we need to bother him about it. I know the package went to the right owner and there is nothing we can do about the signature because the sheets are already gone. I have to trust that my supervisor who has been as the company longer, knows how to handle these things.


I’m also scrupulous :grimacing: sometimes

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