I'm struggling with a very serious addiction


I have become addicted to Catholic Answers Forum! Not joking, seriously.CAF is like my friend circle, where I meet like minded people.

The problem is, I’ve got an exam to give in December and it requires a lot of dedication and time. Every day, I “waste” (could I call it that?) a lot of time on CAF which I could use otherwise to study. Also, all throughout the day, I keep getting thoughts about the discussions I might have had on that day or the way I could answer certain questions. And then it distracts me from my studies.

What should I do? Should I take a long break from CAF? I really need some sound advice here.


Would that those dumb Catholics out there have 10% of your addiction, imagine what that would do for the Church and society !

You need to see what’s more important to you in the short term and get to it.

Unfortunately, CAF is not the only thing there is to life.

Come back when you’re done w/ the more important thing. CAF is here 24/7.


Like any other activity, balance is important. I would give yourself a certain amount of time per day and schedule it. Then you have it to look forward to and you can limit your time. You might also find that you’re more efficient on the forums. I’d also schedule time to work on preparing for your exam.


Here there is a subforum to discuss non-religious things. Go there. Ask if there are people who know the sciencies you are studying. Then you will hang here and learn something. This is in case you’re not joking and really addicted. Be diligent lest people say Christians are losers or something.

And, I don’t really think you are addicted. You joined 3/4 of a year ago and only have about 600 posts which isn’t too high a rate. Since Lewis Hamilton joined F1 he’s been scoring an average of 6.17 points a race, like nobody to this day. This I understand is THE addiction… to McLaren Mercedes.


I’m not sure how sound my advice is, but I do understand. Now and then I find myself feeling the same way. I truly do think CAF is a good thing. If nothing else, it does force one to gel one’s thoughts and to learn new things. Some of the people on here are very knowledgeable and well worth listening to. But yes, depending on what one’s other obligations are, it can get out of hand.

I went “cold turkey” during Lent, then this summer again for about a month. But I will also say that departing from one’s favorite thread subcategory and going into one with which one is not really very familiar causes one to sort of “mentally start over”. If, for example, I find myself overly engaged in political topics, (something to which I am inclined) spending a period of time, e.g., exclusively trying to figure out the intricacies of Eastern Christian theological debates, is of some value to me.


hang out on the Trad forum or the SAHM threads exclusively, you will get so POed it will be easy to quit.

or keep posting on Secular News to discuss candidates, w/o a link to a news story, so you get banned, and then your problem is solved

or hack the system so we have another meltdown (honestly that was the only time I was able to stay away for more than a couple of days)


All the best with your studies.
You mightn’t get a second chance at those,
but provided no one takes Puzzleannie’s suggestions too seriously, CAF wiill be waiting for you when you get through!



OK, I’ll admit I just don’t get it. I looked and can’t figure it out. Ya’ got me. What’s SAHM?


Fast on CAF until you finish your exam.
Know that God will never want anyone to ignore his responsibility.
If you have learned some good stuff from CAF, you will have to apply self discipline to your priorities.

God bless, see you later.


Stay At Home Mom

another thread topic that should do the trick is wearing headcoverings at Mass. I would recommend Catholic Charismatic renewal threads but that might turn you into a Buddhist, a bit too drastic


Puzzleannie I love your posts. You either make me laugh (which you did today - my first good one today, thank-you) or take a step back and think. For both of these I thank you.:thumbsup:


You have to understand what an addiction is. It is always a way of escape. You dont want to do something so you let something else get in the way. Now the key to this puzzle, now that you know that you need an excuse, you found this as it. Now like any other addiction you need balance. So study, get over with what you need to. and move on. Harder said then done huh, but not impossible.


I hope that you could pray to understand why you focus on answering questions on CAF? What do you try to get out of it? What if you allow others to answer and for you to read only.

Get to the root of it, and you will be able to break the addiction - through God’s help.


Thanks for the advice friends. I’ve worked out a plan so that I don’t “waste” too much time over here.


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