I'm torn...


I feel torn apart recently. I haven’t been to CAF in quite awhile, then noticed it was down one day. Kept track of it for two weeks, figured out what happened. Anyway… lots of new names to keep track of.

So I find a thread about a mama that is in dire straights seeking an answer about abortion. Should she have one or not, why or why not? Abortion was looking mighty tempting to her because of outside issues. I wasn’t able to post because the thread was already locked. Then today, I’m already not feeling to great emotionally (long week) and I find another thread by this same mama saying she’s not pregnant anymore and she no longer wants to be a part of these forums. We can all deduce what she’s done because it’s implied (praying hard that it’s not true).

But my heart breaks for her. And it’s shattered for that lost life if my thought is true that she went through with an abortion.

So how do you feel when you get on here and read something like this? And what prayer do you take comfort in to get over that hurt. I know, I don’t know this woman from the next poster on here, but still… we’re all human.


I don’t think that her story was real. I could be wrong but I find it hard to beleive that she and her husband go from being so pro-life (he supposedly was at a DC march) to considering abortion, especially if they’re already parents.
Again, I could be wrong but I think the person is very pro-choice and was trying to bait us into calling her a murderer and so on.
However, there are thousands of women who really did have an abortion today. They are at this very moment lost. We can never forget them in our prayers. Never fail to love them.


That thought crossed my mind too… it’s sick. Totally forgot about her DH having gone to DC, but I don’t recall if he was for the Pro-Life side or not.

And yes, I pray for all the people that are looking to abortion as a “solution.” Every time I go to Mass, that’s one of my prayer intentions. It breaks my heart. :frowning: And the women (and men too) that have just suffered through an abortion, or they have one on their hearts that still hurts, I am always praying for them. Always always always. Unfortunately, I know that pain all too well.:frowning:

But thanks for letting me know what you thought about it. :thumbsup: I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that thought that it might have been a sicko pro-abort person trying to bait us. And I’m proud that all the resonses were gentle. I don’t recall any of them being mean or rude. (In either of the threads)


I agree. I was thinking the same thing. I’m pretty sure that was a pro-abortion activist who got a little bored one day.


I was reading that thread also, and was proud of everyone’s response. Let’s say she was a pro-abort, maybe we started to changed her heart by being so caring in our responses.


Thank you for starting this thread. I have been having a few tears myself.
Please be aware that abortion is most of the time not about choice-it is usually done when the woman feels she has no choice.
Please pray for this lady, whether genuine or not.


I felt so, so sad for her. It didn’t really occur to me that she might be a troll. I just thought that she felt so hopeless in her situation that she did something that was so totally rupugnant to her. I thought it was the guilt and shame she must be feeling that would make her run and hide from the forum.

If her post was genuine and she knew all the arguments against abortion, and did it anyway, she probably felt the need to harden her heart to survive.

I pray for her. I pray for her if she was who she said she was, and if she was a troll. And I pray for all those who didn’t post.


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