I'm very sorry to the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses

have to appologize to you both. Because of my past I was very hurt by Mormonism and sometimes it is easier to find only the bad which lies in the religion. When I amde the thread on brainwashing I never realized at the time how cold hearted it was and I am sorry.

The other thread was misunderstood so I made this one with a better title-

I have been thinking for years that everyone has their own spiritual paths and why are we the ones who should say that a person is wrong and or right. I believe when Jesus comes again we should all be singing…

Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now…

Lets just try to understand other faiths and not bash them. That goes for all religions not just Catholics- we should learn and love from each other. I said this in another thread but I truly do mean it and I am very sorry. I will no longer try to bash you all even though I do not agree 100% in your theology- I should not judge.

Please forgive me and I’m sorry again

That’s a great post :thumbsup:

It’s always nice to see charity at work. Very nice post! :slight_smile:

While I honor your humility, I would ask you to think about your post.

It seems intellectually disingenuous to me, quite honestly.

How can we say (or write) that there are many spiritual paths when Jesus Christ established only one church. He never said that all churches would be guided by the Holy Spirit and he did not include all denominations when he clearly stated tha the gates of hell would not prevail…

I sense that there is a real motivation to be incluusive and tolerant in our culture. In some respects that is good. But, wouldn’t it be more efficacious to work with others toward conversion of the heart and mind rather than accepting their status quo.

After all, this life is short, the next one is a lot longer. Shouldn’t we strive to get it right?
Isn’t it an act of love to pray for and educate others so that they may find what is objectfully truthful?

I totally agree. There is only one true Church. And you have to admit, the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses are downright heretical in their beliefs. I mean, Mormons believe that there are three gods, Jehovah’s Witnesses deny the Trinity by saying only the Father is God. Mormons believe in a Heaven where nearly everybody goes there which clearly contradicts the Bible:

(Matthew 7:13 RSV) "Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many.
(Matthew 7:14 RSV) For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few.

I’m sorry if I am “bashing” but I don’t feel that I am. I feel that I am exposing the truth for all to see so that nobody gets deceived by these heretical groups. The Catholic Church is the one true Church and we are called to admonish the sinner. It’s one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy.

I love my Mormon and Jehovah’s Witness brethren. However, I cannot say that they worship the same God that I do and I cannot say that there groups have much truth in them.

There is only ONE path to God, and that is Jesus Christ. But you have to know that Jesus Christ came not only to die for us but to establish a Church here on earth so that the Holy Spirit can lead all of us into Truth! And we all know the Truth is Jesus Christ.

I can agree that we should try to understand other faiths but only to try to refute those other faiths. I believe what you are trying to say is that we should try to understand other people of different faiths. We can still refute those other faiths without any Ad Hominem attacks.

You’re right in not “judging.” But please know what that actually means. As Catholics we need to have mercy on one another. The Holy Spirit has guided the Church so as to teach us the “Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy” which include “to instruct the ignorant” and also “To admonish sinners.” It would be merciless on our part if we did not let other people know about this great Catholic faith which Jesus has left us so as to worship God here on earth the way they do in Heaven right now. It would also be merciless on our part if we do not let someone know that they are committing a sin if indeed they are. There is where “judging” has to happen, but not in condemning them to hell. People condemn themselves away from God and that is why we need to show mercy by admonishing the sinner in what they are doing or not doing.

I stand by what I said. I’m not going to change my mind.

Hate the sin, love the sinner.

Hate the false church, love the misguided soul

You should read the Pope’s latest encyclical. Truth in Love is the way I translate it. You cannot accept some else’s religion as just another path. I mean how genuine are you when your path leads to eternal joy with God and their path leads to eternal damnation. Is that truth in love?

Hi Patty,

In your original post, you referred to “bashing” other religions. I didn’t see the other posts, so I can’t comment. Actually, your decision to refrain from bashing is a good move. I quite agree that we should not bash those for whom we understand little. Bashing accomplishes nothing and is, indeed disrespectful.

Many people that attach themselves to other faith traditions are genuinely good and holy people. Many are far better souls than I will ever be.

Still, the fact that Christ established one Church is not a cry of arrogance. It is the truth. If that is the truth and you accept that it is the truth, pretending that all religions are the same, is a sham. And, it does not exhibit love for your neighbor. Your neighbor deserves and needs nothing but the best. When you reinforce the “different ways up the mountain” thinking, you give credence to his or her denomination.

Still, the individual needs to discrern and opt to accept or reject Christ’s one true Church. That is why prayer to Our Lady for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is vital.

I am not suggesting that you get in someone’s face and force your faith down their throat. That will drive them away. Just be honest and concerned for the welfare of their eternal soul.

If you truly did bash another person for their beliefs and you’re sorry for that, then it’s great. I don’t believe in bashing people on a personal level. But I do believe in admonishing a wrong that is done towards the Church and her teachings. You can love the one who does not believe in Christ’s Church but you cannot love their religion or “church” or beliefs if they are indeed wrong. If they are in the wrong “church” or wrong “religion” then you must point them to the ONE TRUE Church which Jesus established on Peter the Rock. You can do that in a compassionate way. You do not ever have to attack their person, that would be wrong. But you can refute their beliefs if they are not the ones established by Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church.

I commend you for apologizing to those you have possibly hurt. But that doesn’t mean you can now agree with their faith. It doesn’t mean you can think there is more than one way that leads to heaven. Don’t start talking like Oprah who thinks there is more than one path to heaven.

I agree. However, you will get a lot of flak from the more die-hard catholic posters on this forum. But it is always better to seek understanding than confrontation or at least write posts with the spirit of Christ inside them. Glad that you are having a different understanding in engagement. :slight_smile:

However, you have the divine mercy painting in your signature. Much better to say the chaplet for those you think are in need and give compasion in your posts. And I might add the little way of saint therese. Give kindness to those who hate you or bother you.

I was very happy reading this opening post.



Didn’t Jesus say, “He who believes in me will not perish but have eternal life through the kingdom of Heave.”? Why didn’t he list the sacraments there? Maybe, as far as Jesus and God are concerned there are no denominations – there is only the Church and every believer belongs to it.

I sense that there is a real motivation to be incluusive and tolerant in our culture. In some respects that is good. But, wouldn’t it be more efficacious to work with others toward conversion of the heart and mind rather than accepting their status quo.

If I am going to explain to you where your theology is incorrect don’t I first have to understand your theology? Wouldn’t it be good to start of the conversation by affirming where the other theology is correct? How can I affirm where they are correct if I don’t understand their theology?

After all, this life is short, the next one is a lot longer. Shouldn’t we strive to get it right?
Isn’t it an act of love to pray for and educate others so that they may find what is objectfully truthful?

Isn’t it also and act of love to seek to understand rather than to be understood?

Yes I do have the Divine Mercy in my sig. That is why I stress she NOT think there is more than one path to Heaven.

I have not been harsh in any of my posts to Patty. I don’t see how you think I have been. I AM showing mercy to Patty because I’m telling her it is good that she feels bad for how she has hurt people if she has. But I also told her that she cannot think that there is more than one path to heaven. How is that NOT giving compassion in my posts. One thing is being flimsy in my responses and say, “oh that’s okay…” and another is being TRUTHFUL because I care. Do you think being complacent is being compassionate?

And what makes you think that I have NOT said and do not say the Chaplet on a regular basis for those in need? I’ll be sure to say an extra one just for you. And please do not say something you know nothing about. You had no idea whether I say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy or not and yet you felt it okay to think that I did not and then proceed to tell me to say it, thinking that I don’t.

That’s right! :smiley: There is only ONE Church! The Church that Jesus started is the Catholic Church!!

Huh? :hypno:

First off, the Theology of the Catholic Church is NOT wrong. The reason why I would want to understand the Theology of another religion is to refute it, but also to try to understand the person who believes in such Theology. But I can assuredly say that the Theology of any Protestant denomination is wrong except when it comes to the Trinity, Jesus is God,… on the points where we agree.

To understand does not mean to agree. You’re a Christian, wouldn’t you agree that there is only one path to Heaven? And that the one & only path is Jesus Christ?

Thank you Patty. That is a step in the right direction. :thumbsup:

We cannot embrace Mormonism and the JW’s as being true religions. They are heretics. However, we can certainly love them and acknowledge them as our fellow brethren and human being. I’m glad that you have learned to speak more charitably and act in a manner of love.

God blesses you.

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