I'm worried about being possessed by the devil or a demon

I was searching through the internet looking up what the church says about demon possession and when I went on google there was a video from youtube on there that showed a real demonic possesion taking place. I didn’t watch the video, and I clicked off of it as soon as it came up. Is it possible to be possessed through that? I also worry about being possessed by random or someone putting a curse on me? Am I overreacting? Are there “signs” of demonic possession?

it does sound a little like you areover reacting…you should talk with a nun or a priest…they will be able to talk you through these worries and advise you how to protect yourself so that you can avoid anything like that happening

Dear Ben,

It’s not healthy for you to concentrate so much on the negatives.
Jesus died and rose again to save you. Jesus has given you the Church and the Sacraments. He has told you that what matters is to love God and to love love others.
If you concentrate on trusting God’s goodness, and going regularly to the Sacraments, and on being kind to others, and not going to fearful websites, you will have no need to fear. As Jesus said, “perfect love casts our fear.” 1 John 4:18

You are incredibly overreacting. If this continues, you might want to get a therapist. I say that in all seriousness, and not in a rude way at all.

From what I’ve heard, is that you can only be possessed by a conscious, deliberate invitation that you freely make on your own initiative, not through Youtube. And yes, there are signs. If you want more information, look up books by Malachi Martin, Gabriele Amorth, Matt Baglio, and Jose Antonio Fortea.

Pray the Rosary. And submit with all humility to the Lord’s will and guidance.

it’s not that easy to get possessed. You won’t get possessed just by watching a video. Most people who are possessed were not against it, or didn’t even believe in the devil, but got involved in the occult and just let it happen. Yes there are signs, and usually it’s a strong aversion to anything holy, (often an inability to be beside the Blessed Sacrament), speaking in other languages (especially if the person’s voice changes and becomes unnatural… God can cause people to speak in other languages too but it’s different), superhuman strength, etc… possession doesn’t just “happen”, don’t worry :slight_smile: trust God and dont be afraid! pray to St Michael.

God bless you

Pray, fast, give alms, use Holy water, go to confession regularly, receive communion frequently, and you’ll be fine (particularly if you do the last two things). If you would like some reassurance, mention your fear in confession- the priest may have some good advice for you.

Yes you are overreacting. Demonic possession only occurs after direct involvement with the occult. Stuff like trying to talk to ‘spirits’, attempting to divine the future by invoking some obscure ‘spirit guide’, and all other superstitious nonsense are a few examples. Also, stuff like possession is a one-in-a-million occurrence anyway so why worry? Worry about stuff that matters like your health, your relationships, your morals and whatnot.

I would not watch such in the future…(even if it is an actual case)…such should not really be “on display” like that…

But EVEN a if one assists and an exorcism itself…one should not worry about getting possessed…

Live in Christ and keep following him :slight_smile:

I saw this and I thought, this guy has watched the movie “The Ring” way too many times. LOL! Not trying to be mean, but how can someone get possessed from a video? Movies are dramatized, so they are not true. I am not Catholic. I am L.D.S., which is not to start anything on this forum. I am just anyone will tell you this, is you are too worried about nothing.

Therapists will tell you that you need to relax, that nothing is to worry about it. Its all in your head. I did once take some over the counter pain pills once, and thought I was suicidal. I went to the hospital and then they sent me to a psychiatrist, without having to pay anything, and the psychiatrist ask me some questions, and just said to me that I was not suicidal at all, but just stressed with daily things. You might get the same reaction to that too, that you mentioned from watching a youtube video.

I would just calm down and relax, and realize something like that would never happen to anyone.

Relax, its a disturbing thought, but you wont get possessed by seeing a video. Ways to get possessed include taking part in Satanic rituals, bargaining with Satan, being involved with the occult, having a curse put on you, or constant mortal-sinning. You probably havent done any of those, you are fine.

Remain in the state of Grace. Pledge your allegiance to God alone and everything will be o.k. No worries.

Please check this out


If you were possessed, you would be asking different questions and having a bad time of it.

But just as a sidebar, if you don’t have a miraculous medal, get one and wear it. The devil cannot stand Mary or blessed items. So at least you have her protection on your side.

Just a thought.

OK there’s a few things you need to know. Contrary to some replies on this subject demonic possession is real in some cases. There are some things that lead to posession. The first step is in being tempted or oppressed. This takes the form of a thought coming into your head that is not of God, not inline with the Word of God. When you get one and you identify it as probably or possibly from a demon then reject that thought. Kick it out of your mind. Don’t feel bad. Jesus was tempted yet he was without sin. Just don’t give word or action to it and don’t give it extended thought. This is the oppression stage.

Next stage if you give in to the first is Obsession. When we act on these thoughts, constantly talk about it and think about it extensively we are obsessing over the issue and this leaves us open for posession to take place.

oppression, obsession and posession. There are many levels within each of these three but that’s it in a nutshell.

We can prevent this from happening by resisting the temptations we get. Reject the thought. Renew your mind by reading the bible.
We need to have our minds so reprogrammed by the Word that when any conversation or any thought is offered to us, our minds will work like a computer, analysing each situation with the questions ; Is this in line with the Word? Does this give glory to God? If not or if in doubt, kick it out. If our minds are not transformed or at least in an active process of being transformed to the things of God (his Word) then we are open season for the devil or his demons to take us through the progressional steps.

Romans 12; 1,2.

From what I have read, demonic possession is essentially the submission of one’s will to a demonic spirit.

It doesn’t happen in a flash, but there is a process involved.

Many people who become demonically possessed, follow a self-promoting, emotionally charged ideology which the demon uses to lure the person into over time.

It can be a desire to commit sins of the flesh, or even to support worldly beliefs such as support for abortion, war or other evils, which are presented by the demon as good. In all, it will be in opposition to the Catholic Church, even if it is believed by the person being influenced by a demonic spirit, as serving the needs of people, i.e. working in an abortion clinic in order to serve poor women.

In all, the demon seeks to take possession of the person’s will, which is one of the greatest gifts God has given humans, of which the fallen angels are jealous of.

Bottom line is, don’t give Satan much time. You know he exist and is evil. That’s enough.

Stay centered on Jesus Christ.


this is one of those, “It was on the internet so it must be true” things right? Half of those videos hire “actors” or actresses, and the other half are just bad acting.

Aussieman wrote, in part:

The first step is in being tempted or oppressed.

I seem to recall a 1st step is called “pestering”, which would be temptation.
Perhaps getting involved in using tarot cards or ouija board or something like that; or even pornography.


Many people think demons can and do use electric lines, phone lines, and other forms of information transfer to travel thru. I know a few families that will not have a computer in their house for this very reason.

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